I tried using the stainless steel confectionery cut 'Japanese confectionery friend' that can be used repeatedly

It is difficult to use the confectionery cuts used when eating Japanese sweets many times if they are of the type such as toothpicks, but the stainless steel ones that look cool and can be washed and used many times are ' Japanese sweets friends '. How is it comfortable to use? So, I actually bought Japanese sweets and checked the usability.

This is a friend of Japanese sweets.

There were 5 confectionery slices in individual vinyl inside.

When I take it out, it looks like this. The total length is 12 cm.

It weighs about 11g.

It looks like this when you hold it in your hand. It looks a bit like a sword.

Most of the confectionery cuts are made of wood or bamboo, but if you use them over and over again, they will hurt. On the other hand, Japanese sweets friends are made of stainless steel, so you can wash them and use them many times.


Soke source Kiccho hermitage of Ryo view water I used to buy a cool candy that.

Doesn't the stainless steel confectionery cut float from the Japanese space? I was wondering, but it is very cool even if it is lined up with tea or yokan.

I will actually cut it.

Since it is not a sharp blade, it is a little difficult to cut the hard fruit part, but the scaly unevenness on the handle part makes it hard to slip and the finish is easy to hold.

Ryokansui is a sweet that has two layers of yokan and agar, but I was able to cut it quickly using a friend of Japanese sweets.

It will be delicious.

Of course, it can be used not only for yokan but also for steamed buns and namagashi.

Two beautifully.

After use, wash with a sponge using dish soap. Note that polishing with a scrubbing brush or scouring powder may cause scratches.

The selling price on Amazon is 1320 yen including tax.

Amazon.co.jp: Shimomura Sweets Knife Confectionery Cut Japanese Confectionery Friend 5-piece set [Made in Japan] Stainless steel grain pattern Yokan 11566 Tsubame Sanjo: Home & Kitchen

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