I actually tried using the ultra-thin and stylish foldable nail clipper 'Twin S Nail Clipper'

There are various types of nail clippers such as clip type, nipper type, and nail clippers, but it is hard to find fashionable and functional ones. The thin foldable ' Twin S Nail Clipper ' sold by

Zwilling , which manufactures German blades, is excellent in both function and design, and has a history of receiving the Good Design Award. Also, since it is manufactured by a blade maker, it has good sharpness, so I actually tried using it.

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The Twin S Nail Clipper is in a sliding box.

A silver case appears when you take it out of the box.

When I open the case immediately, it looks like this inside.

Instructions on how to use the Twin S Nail Clipper are on the back of the case lid.

Inside the case is a synthetic leather container and a Twin S nail clipper.

I took out the synthetic leather case and the Twin S nail clipper from the case.

The top of the Twin S Nail Clipper looks like this.

The Twin S Nail Clipper is 4mm thick, much thinner than a typical clipper nail clipper.

The words 'Zwilling JA Henckels' are on the back.

The Twin S Nail Clipper is designed so that the upper and lower blades do not touch and rust, and there is a gap between the upper and lower blades even when folded.

Twin S nail clippers are slightly larger than AA batteries.

It weighs 16g.

To assemble a Twin S Nail Clipper, first lightly press on the jagged surface on the top surface ...

Do not release your finger and pull it backwards.

Pull it to the correct position and the top surface will lift.

The upper surface is directly connected to the connecting part that moves the lower blade. If you slide the upper surface forward so as to fill the gap created between the raised upper surface and the connecting part ...

The assembly of Twin S Nail Clipper is completed.

Assembled Twin S Nail Clipper.

Seen from the side, it looks like this.

When I return the handle part ...

There was a nail file on the back.

Let's actually use the Twin S Nail Clipper. Hold the ring finger nail of your left hand with a blade ...

Press the handle to cut the nail. The moment I cut my nails, it cut quickly without making a loud noise such as 'clicking'. I was able to cut without much effort, so the sharpness of the blade is high. Also, the nails after cutting did not scatter.

To check the sharpness of the Twin S Nail Clipper, compare it with

Kiya Neil Clipper's nail clipper, which is highly evaluated by Amazon.

First, cut the nail clippers of Kiya Hagane against the ring finger of your left hand.

My nails broke with a loud clicking sound.

Next, try cutting the middle finger of your left hand with a Twin S nail clipper.

When I cut it, I was able to cut it with almost no sound as before.

You can see how the Twin S Nail Clipper and Kiya Hagane's nail clippers are compared using the following movie.

I compared using Twin S Nail Clipper and Kiya Hagane Nail Clippers-YouTube

When I put the Twin S Nail Clipper in a special synthetic leather case ...

It fits comfortably. You can put it in your pants or chest pocket, so you can carry it around without any problems.

The price of Twin S Nail Clipper is 4200 yen including tax for Amazon, which is

3626 yen including tax at the time of writing the article, which is a little higher than general nail clippers, but considering the high functionality and design. It is a convincing dish.

Amazon.co.jp: Zwilling Twin S Nail Clipper 42440-000: Health & Beauty

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