What is the power of the application "The 12th Man" that leads the team to triumph with echoing cheering while there is nobody in the stadium by football?

The supporters who support the team in football are very important, but as troubles of audiences arise, as a sanction measuresNo-audience matchIn Tunisia in some casesArab SpringWith the influence of the massive rebels campaign, the government banned supporters from watching football at the stadium, and all games were to be played in an audience bout. I thought that the power of supporters is necessary to lead the team to victoryCS Hammam-LifAs a football club, supporters are not in the stadium, so that cheers can be delivered "The 12th ManDeveloped an application called "This application is actually being used"Mobilizing The 12th ManWe put it in a movie called "We are publishing it.

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About two years ago a large anti-government movement of the Arab Spring occurred in the Arab world.

With this influence, the government restricts citizens from gathering in public places.

And I also banned watching the game at the stadium even in football.

A soccer club official said, "We feel silent as if dead during the game ... half of our motivation come from supporters."

In order to deliver support from supporters to players, the creator of "The 12th Man" was created by CS Hammam-Lif, a football club.

This team belonged to a part of Tunisia · Pro League, but in the face of a demotion crisis, victory was absolutely necessary situation, so supporters' support is necessary to win the victory anyway It seems to have thought.

In fact, we moved to the relay screen of the game where support was carried out using "The 12th Man" and a great cheering will be heard with the commentator 's words "I hear the support of many supporters".

But the stadium is empty.

In the middle of the game, the game starts, the cheering voice heard from before the game begins to grow bigger.

The identity of the cheering heard from the stadium is "The 12th Man" application ... ...

40 speakers installed in the stadium.

For example, a supporter supporting a team while watching TV at home taps an application icon.

Then, from the speakers installed in the stadium, cheering according to each icon flows.

Many supporters will support the team by tapping the application icon while watching the game.

By doing so, a big support voice will be echoed by the stadium without supporters.

This support boosts the athletes.

Even if you are not at the stadium, supporters become the 12th player and are fighting with the team.

And ...

CS Hammam-Lif gets the first point!

Supporters of delight.

Hit that joy against the icon "GOAL" of the application.

Hit it! Hit it! Hit it! If you hit repeatedly anyway OK!

CS Hammam-Lif who won a brilliant match in this one point.

Behind the team are the speakers who are the leaders of the victory.

The supporters are delighted.

On that day the stadium was empty, but the celebrations of over 9 31, 000 people were echoing.

It is a wonderful idea that supporters who can not go to the stadium can also support the team, so in preparation for various unforeseen circumstances each team develops such kinds of applications beforehand and prepares them for supporters It seems that it will become like "ant" considerably as a future trend to become like.

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