Low technology but surprisingly effective mosquito countermeasure


In summer, it is inevitable to expose the skin inevitably, but it is unpleasant that you can not avoid getting unpleasant sounds, itchy itchy "mosquito". There are various countermeasures to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes,Soft sound that makes mosquitoes dislike from PCThere are also high-tech things such as WILLIAM J. BROAD Mr. WILLIAM knows how to handle effective mosquitoes while knowing little thingsThe New York TimesIt is open to the public.

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It was when BROAD met a mosquito countermeasure that I never saw when I joined a barbecue held in my friend 's garden. The garden at the friend's barbecue where the barbecue was held was a lawn, and it was directing the space where the shadow of the planted tree was easy to spend, but the comfortable space for human beings is the same for mosquitoes, it is stabbed by mosquitoes It seems that Mr. BROAD was worried. However, the mosquito control prepared by the organizer of the barbeque was very effective although it was low technology but no one was stabbed by a mosquito during the barbecue.

ByRich Watts

A friend prepared by mosquito countermeasures was a fan with a height of about 30 cm installed on a lower table. The fan was only sending a comfortable wind to the lawn space where the barbecue participants were sitting, but the mosquitoes could not fly in that wind and nobody seemed stabbed.

ByAttila Siha

Mr. BROAD, who was interested in using the fan as a mosquito countermeasure after the barbecue, personally examined, actually it seems that it was used to use a fan for mosquito countermeasure, but it is not well known I understood that it was a measure not done.AMCA (American Mosquito Control Association)According to Mosquito, the mosquito's ability to fly is quite low, 1.5 miles per hour (about 2.4 kilometers per hour), so if you blow the wind with a big fan it means that mosquitoes will not get too close to you. Also,Michigan State UniversityAccording to the entomologist, the mosquitoes the heat of human body and the smell of carbon dioxide released from the bodyHairy sensation childAlthough it is said to be perceived by an organ called so, it is said that mosquito countermeasures using electric fans are highly effective because it can disrupt the work of hairy sensates that sense humans by the strong wind of the fan .

BySanofi Pasteur

Removing mosquitoes by electric fans is a countermeasure that is quite effective and improves coolness, so it is an idea of ​​two birds with one stone.

In Florida and the United States of America, for example, the climate has changed due to abnormal weather, and the temperature has increased, large large giant mosquitoes that had not hitherto started breeding,4 to 5 times the size of ordinary mosquitoes, 20 times as great as the maximumIt is said that when it is stabbed it will not be itchy, it will be at a painful level.

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