Review infrared thermography "FLIR i3" which can measure temperature and keep images by simply holding anything Review review tried

By detecting the amount of infrared radiation emitted from the object, it is possible to measure the temperature of the object without touching it, and it is the infrared thermography "FLIR i3"is. Just by holding the FLIR i 3, anyone can easily measure the temperature of the object, so it is easy to measure the temperature up to objects that are moving, items that are far away from where you can not reach it, and items with violent temperature change so many things I measured the temperature of.

FLIR i3 / i5 / i7 Thermal Imaging Cameras - FLIR Infrared Cameras

◆ Photo review
FLIR i3I was sent in such a sturdy case.

I will open it immediately.

Inside the case is like this.

Inside is FLIR i 3 main body · charging adapter · plug part of charging adapter 3 types · various manual · special software · SD card · USB cable · strap.

Plug part can be removed by pushing the part where "PUSH" is written on the charging adapter.

Four kinds of plug parts are included, and it becomes possible to charge with four kinds of power supplies all over the world by replacing them.

And this is FLIR i3, the shape is like a maracas.

There is the character "i3" on the screen with a resolution of 60 × 60 pixels.

The buttons for operation are arranged at the bottom of the screen.

The front of FLIR i3 is like this.

If I thought that there was no lens ......

I found out that the lens will come out if you push the part where the finger is placed.

By pressing the grip button, it is possible to save the image displayed on the screen.

The right side is like this with nothing.

This is the left side.

On the left side, there are the supplied USB cable port, charging adapter port, miniSD card insertion port from the left.

At the first start, it is necessary to charge the battery for 4 hours round, so plug in the charging adapter ......

Wait for 4 hours.

Charging is in progress when the lamp lights orange.

Charging is completed if this turns green.

Insert the included miniSD card to save data.

Firmly grip it ... ....

Click the start button!

Although it took a while to start up at the first startup, the usual startup is very smooth.

◆ Basic operation of FLIR i3
Since it started safely, actually measure the temperature without touching the object with FLIR i3. Even though it is said that it is very easy to measure the temperature because it only directs FLIR i 3 to the thing you want to measure temperature.

If you press the trigger on the back when measuring, you can save the data as an image like this. The personal computer used in GIGAZINE had a heat discharge groove on the left side, so the temperature on the left side of the personal computer was high.

It looks like this when looking at ordinary pictures. When comparing actual photos with images visualizing temperature, it is obvious which part is high temperature.

Also, it is possible to change the color palette from the main menu, and if you actually change the setting ......



Rainbows, etc. You can change the color when displayed.

For infrared thermography, for each temperature measurement objectEmissivityThe accuracy of the measurement will be improved by making the change. This emissivity can be changed from "Measurement target" in the menu.

◆ Measure the temperature of various objects
First, I will point people to FLIR i3. People are displayed with such feeling, the temperature of the skin part is particularly high.

The bicycle stopped in the road.

This is a cat. The temperature of the animals is still high.

Vending machines are particularly hot where the cans are displayed.

Especially the tire part is high temperature while driving.

The car parked in the place without the outdoor roof is set to a certain temperature as a whole like this, but the tire part is colder than it is while driving.

Furthermore, when you look at the car parked in the covered parking lot, you can see that the whole is considerably cooler than others.

With the shoes I wore until a while ago ....

Slippers to wear from now.

And obviously the temperature is low This ...

It was a frozen refrigerant in the kinkin.

◆ FLIR i3 storage case
When carrying FLIR i3, you can use this special case OK.

The body can be stored completely.

Using this case will make it easy to carry.

Of course, carrying in the case that was first included is OK.

You can also carry with the strap that was in the case, so please choose your favorite way to carry.

This FLIR i3 comes with dedicated analysis software, which enables more detailed temperature measurement. Infrared thermographyAlmost everything from hundreds of thousands of yen to millions of yenIt's pretty expensive, but FLIR i3 is available at Amazon¥ 99,000And the biggest point is gettable at a relatively cheap price. FLIR SYSTEMS Infrared Thermography new i 3: Home Appliances · Camera

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