Hot dog "Ayu's salt-baked dog" which sandwiched the salt-grilled sweetfish of ayu in Kyoto aquarium surprisingly fits tightly

It is popular to eat ayu, which has been banned from fishing since June, with salt-burned but Kyoto aquariumMountain purple spring cafeI sandwich the ayu's salt-grilled whole with a hot dogSalted grilled ayu dogIt was to be able to eat for a limited time, so I actually went to the aquarium to eat.

"Fishing Kitchen Samaira and fish exhibitions" 7/13 ~ 9/1 held | News list | Kyoto Aquarium official website

Arrived at the Kyoto Aquarium. It is a distance of about 15 minutes on foot from Kyoto Station · Tanbaguchi Station.

"Fishing Kitchen Sampei and fish exhibition" is taking place from July 13th to September 1th, ayu's salt-baked dogs are on sale for a limited time on the occasion that ayu is exhibited at this event That's why.

In the venueFishing kimchi sanpeiAuthorYaguchi Kao'S illustration is displayed and events are held during the exhibition period of the exhibition until September 1.

At the back of the space where the exhibition is being held, there is a mountain purple aquarium cafe that offers foods based on animals of the aquarium as motifs and menu that arranges green tea or pickles from Kyoto native in a cafe style.

So I ordered a grilled ayu salted grilled dog (500 yen including tax). One whole ayu is used in a form that fits all in the hot dog buns.

A bit of scary ayu's face.

Front of face

A tail

My ayu is bent because I stick it in a skewer and bake it when I try to grill it. What is sandwiched with ayu is a Japanese style combination of lotus root and large leaves.

Looking from above it looks like this. The body of Ayu is just caught in the hot dog buns in just good condition.

Your back rests with salt.

Although it seems as if ayu is staring, I do not mind and try to hit Gaburi from the face.

First of all, I feel that I get caught from my head is the bitterness of cotton and the scent and taste of garlic powder. As far as this ayu 's salt - baked dog is popular with male customers who buy with beer, this bitterness is likely to match alcohol and beer, so I can not help many customers like that. While garlic powder enters, it does not break the bitterness of ayu cotton and the delicate flavor of white, finished in a punchy taste a little, so considering eating it with alcohol and garlic powder It seems that there was better. Lotus Root chips are also crispy with a good texture, and the taste of the material of Ayu is living, because salt is also diluted.

As you go on eating a little more bones will come up so you need to be a little careful when eating.

Of course I can eat tail. Although it is an innovative combination, complete the combination of Ayu, Ooya, Lotus Root Tip, Garlic Powder and Hot Dog Buns without any incongruity.

In theme parks such as Disney Land and Universal Studios, there are sometimes prepared menu of characters and motifs with motifs, and it is helping the excitement of the event, but the salted grilled dog of Ayu is fish and sipei and fish Since they will be offered for a limited time only, it may be nice to eat the ayu's salt-baked dog and feel the summer as you come back to the aquarium to cool down.

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