A movie "Meet ATLAS!" That shows how much a biped walking humanoid robot has evolved

It is real-time controlled by on-board computer, with stereo camera and headLIDER, Equipped with hydraulically driven joints in 28 places in the whole body, the latest humanoid robot capable of biped walking with a total length of 6 feet (about 1.8 meters), weight of 330 pounds (about 150 kg) is "Atlas"is. Not only is the size close to humans,Also in operationIt has become a humanoid robot with a part that is quite close to humans and it is a distinctive movement that reminds me of the T - 800 that appeared in the movie "Terminator".

2013/07/11 DARPA's ATLAS Robot Unveiled

You can tell how the Atlas actually works by looking at the following movie.

Meet ATLAS - YouTube

This is a 3DCG image of the humanoid robot Atlas, a little hand seems to be long but the other seems to be made with the same sense of size as the human body.

This robot is a robot named PETMAN, and Atlas is an evolutionary form of this robot.

PETMAN can walk biped, by wearing protective clothing and maskA movie that is moving like a human beingIt is also open to the public.

And this is Atlas Proto, Atlas prototype. From the high level difference ... ....

You can get down and go up.

You can move a thin scaffold while balancing with your hand ... ....

It is also possible to climb the stairs.

I am able to climb at the same speed as humans rise up stairs.

At last it is the appearance of Atlas. I was hit by a weight on where I was standing with one foot.

Move your legs and hands like a human being to balance ... ...

Avoid falling.

Bipedal walking is no longer a piece of cake

While walking ......

An obstacle suddenly appeared.

I step on an obstacle once.

But in the next step ......

Avoid obstacles.

I will look at it from another angle.

After stepping on an obstacle, you can see that the whole is moving to the right.

After walking around obstacles walking as if nothing had happened, the walking function seems to have excellent accuracy.

Atlas has hydraulically driven joints at 28 places in the whole body, and the movement of the joint is very smooth.

Glingling and wrist turn.

Next, looking at the whole body in detail, it seems that it consists of a solid frame from the foot to the shin portion.

The joint part of the knee looks like this.

In the thigh part pipes and cords are arranged to be narrowed and impressions that are considerably mecha-sized.

Although the pelvic part is protected by the frame which is likely to be sturdy, you can see that many pipes and cords are extending from the torso and thigh.

Since the joint part can see the joint part in the center part, it seems that it can turn around the upper body by fixing the lower body.

Parts like a big light on the chest.

And there are two large cameras at the position of the eyes in the head of the head,WALL-ELooks like.

Furthermore, if you see a movie where Atlas prototypes such as PETMAN and Atlas Proto are performing various movements, you can see what kind of action can be done with Atlas.

DARPA Robot Masters Stairs - YouTube

This Atlas,DARPAWill be held in December 2013DARPA's Virtual Robotics ChallengeAs a common platform for technical society disaster response robotBoston DynamicsIt is said that teams currently participating in the technical group are developing Atlas software. At the Technical Committee, it will be possible for this software to compete, so it seems that Atlas which has evolved further in movement can be seen around that time.

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