"Formables" which can summarize five of cutting boards, bowls, strainers, drainers, and grater money

Electronic devices such as mobile phones and PCs have advanced at a tremendous speed, but items around the kitchen have not evolved much since a while ago. In order to overcome such a situation, cooking utensils which can compactly store and integrate cutting boards, bowls, strainers, drainers, and grater gold "Formables"Has appeared.

Formables | Quirky Products

Formables has one set of three types of grater, strainer, drainer, bowl and chopping board, and it can be compactly stored by petting 5 together.

The size when integrating Formables is 279 mm × 279 mm × 25 mm, so even if it is put in the drawer of the kitchen, it does not take space.

You can also use chopping boards and grater to make cheese fine.

Formables also have a squeezer, so it is convenient when making soup or sipping flour.

You can also cook in the range with a bowl.

As bowls can be used not only for cooking but also for dishes to serve dishes, they come out often at partiesFarfareAlso offering pasta etc.

Because Formables is compactDishwasherYou can put it in.

Formables is a questionnaire to decide the priceQuirkyThe selling price has not been decided yet.

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