Glass tableware series "Laboratory beaker or flask-like design" Periodic TableWare "

The glass containers such as beakers and flasks used for chemistry experiments were made to have the functions of glasses and drink pitchers lined up at dining tables and bars etc.Periodic TableWare"is. It has become quite messy glass containers that can make and drink drinks as if they are doing chemistry experiments.

Periodic TableWare by Marshall Jamshidi - Kickstarter

This person is Marshall Jamshidi, developer.

Periodic TableWare made after trial and error is a total of six types of glass containers.

This wine glass was made the first time. Capacity is 200 ml.

And this is a container for transferring wine to remove decanter, sediment of bottle bottoms.

At the time of use, I feel like this, I do not know the reason why I am experimenting whether I am drinking wine or not.

Of course it is possible to use drinks other than wine and use it as a drink pitcher.

Merging with this Erlenmeyer flask is martini glass, you can pour 200 ml of drink.

The Erlenmeyer flask to be the base part of the glass contains two unmixable liquids which form two layers of color and are sealed so as not to completely enter the air,FDAWe are also getting safety approvals. There are 4 types of color variation: blue, green, purple and red.

Since the original form of the beaker for research was suitable for drinking or pouring drinks, it is adopted as a lock glass with a capacity of 250 ml.

The shape of the beaker is also used for high ball grass, but this is tall and the capacity is increasing to 350 ml here.

And this is a cocktail shaker using a large Erlenmeyer flask shape. The rubber stopper has a stainless steel muddler.

furtherstrainerIt also comes with a function fully as a cocktail shaker.

From the following movie you can see how it feels when you actually use this cocktail shaker.

Pouring Shots from a Periodic Tableware Cocktail Shaker on Vimeo

Put the cocktail in a cocktail shaker ......

I will shake.

With metal stopper on rubber stopper ......

Remove the rubber plug on the side of the main unit.

Then pour into the glass from the spout of the shaker.

With pouring like this, ice will never enter the glass, thanks to its small pour spout, it demonstrates one aspect that is functionally superior.

These cocktail shakers come with these 50 ml shot glasses in sets of four.

You can also see the movie making the cocktail using the strainer from the following movie.

Periodic TableWare Cocktail Pour on Vimeo

Put a cocktail ......


Remove the rubber stopper ......

Stir the cocktail with the muddle attached to the rubber stopper.

Strainer ......

Attached to spout.

Just pour cocktails into the glass.

It seems to give us a shock to the look that makes shakers and glass chemistry experiments daunting and the appearance of making cocktails by mixing several kinds of sake.

Cocktail completion!

I do not know what some of Periodic TableWare is about, but these are all containers for drinking.

This Periodic TableWare is currentlyKickstarterWe are seeking investment at 25 dollars (about 2500 yen) and you can get either wine glass, martini glass, rock glass or high ball grass, and for a $ 485 investment (about 48,000 yen) wine You can get decanter and cocktail shaker set with 4 glass, martini, rock, high ball and 4 different glasses, there is no dedicated check box at this time, so it is OK if you check "WINE & COCKTAILS COLLECTION" .

The deadline for investment is Japan time on July 15 (Monday) at 9:31 am.

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