I tried eating a great cheeseburger + shrimp burger = "shrimp / exquisite twin burger" at one coin

Big Rib SandYaNaples Pin BurgerLotteria, which is a series of unique menus such as the shrimp burgers and the exquisite cheeseburger of a signboard product, are interposed between elongated buns and made into one productShrimp · exquisite twin burgerWe are selling it from Thursday, July 4. When ordering separately, 290 yen plus 360 yen at 360 yen becomes 500 yen with tax, so it has become quite odious setting, so I went to eat Lotteria immediately.

【Limited quantity】 Popular taste of Lotteria finally merged shrimp · exquisite twin burger

When I arrive at Lotteria, I also appeal the launch of new products at shop front, shrimp which seems to be spiraling with the cheese whose logo has melted.

Move to the store before noon

Especially as a new menu is not listed on the cash register, ordered a new product without worrying at all.

Waiting In about 5 minutes a new product "Shrimp / Extraordinary Twin Burger" arrives.

Another great cheeseburger · shrimp burger who also ordered for comparison arrived. You can understand well when you arrange as follows, but the size of the shrimp · exquisite twin burger is just about two products and it is actually 801 kcal. It is 540 kcal calorie with a superb cheese burger, 532 kcal calorie when the shrimp burger is a single item, and since it is 1072 kilocalories in total, it does not mean that there is calorie just by combining the two, but at the price of one coin It is reasonable to say in a reasonable sense that it is contained. Rather, it seems better to think that you can enjoy both flavors with less calories.

When I opened the wrapping paper, the buns appeared. Elongated soft French buns used for ribsand pork are used.

Different buns are used for exquisite cheeseburrers, buns using sake, shrimp burger for normal buns, shrimp / exquisite twin burgers for soft french buns.

Looking from the side it is like this. Cheese and beef patty of delicious and exquisite Cheese Burger and shrimp cabbage · tartar sauce · shrimp cut of shrimp burger are caught.

Even though I picked up the top buns, it seems that the contents are not unusual for the exquisite cheeseburger and shrimp burger.

Exquisite cheeseburger can check Gouda cheese · red cheddar cheese · beef patty.

The part of the shrimp burger is shredded cabbage, tartar sauce, prawn cutlet.

I decided to eat it from a cheeseburger part with a great flavor while it was still warm.

It is a good cheese burger cheese cheese · high quality beef patty umami · pepper pepper's spicyness is alive but excellent cheeseburger is a product whose compatibility with alcoholic beans and beef patty and cheese etc. was studied Soft French buns used to pinch the pieces are slightly harder and less sweet than the buns, so they are one of the best in cheeseburger to eat at the fast food shop, although they are inferior to the burgers of exquisite hamburgers.

When you eat half, the part of shrimp burger comes out next time. Lotteria signboard products are cheaply affordable because they can be eaten by a single item. I also try to eat the part of shrimp burger.

Compared with the normal buns of hamburger, softened French buns have a bit of mouthfeel, a crispy shrimp clothing and a shrimp texture made with prepuri, and the texture is pleasant. The combination of cabbage · egg and pepper · containing tartar sauce · prawn cutlet is also outstanding, and it is convincing quality that it has been long-selling for many years in Rotteria.

I tried comparing it with a single item of exquisite cheeseburger · shrimp burger to try.

After all, as for exquisite cheeseburger it has been studied up to the compatibility of alcoholic buns, so it seems better to eat at sake breads, compatibility is better, especially because the buns have a little sweetness, feel the taste of abalone pepper firmly I can.

Ebikatsu Burger is not compatible with Vans, Ebikatsu Patty, and there is goodness in eating either soft fancy buns chewy texture or normal buns soft buns texture.

Please note that this product has been sold in period / quantity limited, and it is certainly very tight that you can eat both taste in one coin, so I have never actually eaten Lotteria's signboard menu actually In that case it looks good.

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