Escape game modeled on "Roswell case" to be playable with the Google logo

It is said that "flying saucer" fell in the vicinity of Roswell, New MexicoRoswell caseAs a model, escape games that gather parts of the skyful flying disks that have fallen apart to return to space, are now available to play with the Google logo.


If you click the logo part, the game will start and sound will come out so please be careful.

The skyful flying disk on which the alien was riding disappeared in the air ......

The purpose of this game is to gather and replace the parts. All the operations are done with the mouse, and the alien moves to the clicked place and examines there.

First we go down the mountain following the arrow and find the first part.

Click to collect.

As I walked down the mountain and walked to the left, there was a little grassland and cattle.

Clicking on the front of the cow's body, the cowbell sounds, and if you touch the body of the cow whether there is anything else, get the rope that was connected.

Instead, the cow walked with the navel and moved to the grassland and began to eat grass.

When I go there, ...

I fell into a hole hidden in the grassland.

Humor condition.

I found an item with a jabberless mark on the left side.

I picked up this and tried it against trees.

Then grow as you see it, so that you can go up to the entrance of the hole.

This item seems to be a growth promoter, and when used against cattle ......

One gigantic enlargement.

Seeking other parts, to the house on the right.

One of the parts of the disk that is caught in the roof.

There is another house on the right side. Whether or not an alien can ring a chime ......?

Chickens in the corner of the house.

As I climbed the trees, the residents of this house were asleep asleep, it is difficult to understand, but I carry the parts of the disk.

The alien who combined the items and managed the parts ... ...

I got on a flying saucer and went home.

Finally, there is a newspaper style display called "Google Daily Record", the game clear.

July 8th is the 66th anniversary of the occurrence of the Roswell case. It is often used as a story in movies, but for now it remains unclear whether there really is a skyful flying saucer.

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