A propaganda technique "whispers in the brain of a sleeping person with a head on the window glass" The talking window "

A demonstration movie of propaganda technology that works directly on people who are sleeping with their heads on train window glasses is released on YouTube without using sound by using bone conduction technology. In the movie, although the sound actually does not sound, suddenly the sound is transmitted, so you can see the surprising appearance of passengers.

BBC News - Talking train window adverts tested by Sky Deutschland

The talking window - YouTube

It is doing satellite broadcasting service in GermanySkyReceived the request, developed by the Düsseldorf branch of the advertising agency BBDO.

Passengers sleeping with their heads on the window in the train.

Suddenly a sound comes to my head ... ...

"Wow?" And a woman with a fairly surprised expression.

Each of the other people also noticed that they heard a sound from nowhere.

However, something has not heard in the ears, so it is funny what happened.

Other passengers can not hear the sound transmitted from the vibration of the window.

This terminal attached to the window glass is a seed.

Vibration from this device ... ...

The vibration propagates through the window glass.

Due to bone conduction, vibration propagates to the person wearing the head on the window glass, it is converted into sound and perceived.

In image like this, the sound is transmitted only to the person wearing a head on the window glass.

Head on the window glass ... ...

Take your head off the glass.

A face like "How about this?"

Calling directly to your heart (...... I can hear you ... can you hear me ...)Although it is a technology that can be reproduced in reality, it seems that it can be used for music, entertainment, vehicle information, weather etc in addition to advertisement in the future.

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