Application developers point out that multiple pirated applications are appearing in the App Store


Illegal downloadYaUse of pirated softwareAlthough it is one of the big problems of the Internet age,TouchDrawIn the early 2013, John · Lipsky who is the developer of the application called the application which is made by himselfApp StoreDiscovered at that, the application was made by cracking TouchDrawPirated versionIt seems that it was an application.

Pirated Apps in the App Store - Jon Lipsky

It was the reason for noticing this fact,Diagram TouchI got to Lipsky from the user who purchased the app saying that it was one email asking for support.

Mr. Lipsky, who did not recognize that application, thought that I should advise "I should contact the developer directly", but I have been asked by users of applications that are not my own questions I also thought that if I thought it would be helpful to give a link to the developer 's website as well.

When Lipsky searches Diagram Touch on the App Store, the page has no notation of the developer's site and the contact e-mail address, and despite this, the user came in contact with Lipsky's sense of incompatibility Remember, decide to buy this app for investigation.

Diagram Touch turned out that it was an application that changed only the appearance and sound, cracking the version two years ago of Lipsky's application "TouchDraw". All the icons used in the application were deleted or changed to another design, but it was assumed that many parts of the source code would operate in a specific environmentHard codeIt seems that there were several parts that were not changed as they were at TouchDraw.

The following image seems like a screenshot of TouchDraw due to "TouchDraw" in the upper right part, but in fact it is a screen shot of Diagram Touch. Due to the influence of hard coding, I can see a number of parts that I could not erase the name TouchDraw.

After finding a pirated version of its own application, Lipsky searched for an application in the App Store, thinking that there are other pirated editions, and found an application called "Diagram to Go".

The screenshot of the sample uses TouchDraw screenshot as it is ... ...

Furthermore, the icon of the applicationAndroid version of TouchDrawYou can see that I steal the icon of.

As far as Lipsky examined, there are 4 applications using TouchDraw screenshots, as of July 3 (Wednesday), the first pirated version of Diagram Touch removed from the App Store, Diagram to Go has been discontinued outside Egypt, but it seems that other things are still being sold and it has not yet solved the fundamental problem.

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