New bowl dressed for Yoshinoya's summer "Negishiro Roe Pork Bowl & Beef Calvill Bowl" Tasting Review

From Yoshinoya on July 4 (Thursday) "Negi salt rose pork on rice"When"Cow Calvim pontenWe released the. It was sold in the summer only in 2012 "Negi Salted Pot BowlAlthough it is a product very similar to, but this year it is said that beef ribdon bowl will also be sold, so I went to Yoshinoya immediately and ate it.

Notice: "Negi salt roast pork bowl" and "Cow Calby Bowl" new release! Yoshinoya

Arrived at the store.

We are appealing new products with climb.

A new product poster is also in the store. Catch copy is "big huge, new appearance".

Regarding the seat, I ordered two kinds of new products.

Waiting In about 5 minutes a new item arrived, firstly a goat salt roast pork bowl. Left is small synergy (380 yen including tax, 574 kcal), right side by side (480 yen including tax, 782 kcal).

The bowl is of the same design with the logo of Yoshinoya, but the height of the bowl is higher.

Looking from above it looks like this. Pigs and goats almost cover up rice.

Round green onions are cut

Pork loin has a little browned and it sprinkled spontaneously.

Sauce was a little brownish, with a sour scent. I will try to eat it at once.

As I felt from the fragrance, I use salt dull containing vinegar and loin meat with less fat so I can eat it all the time. Onions are onion, onion as a ingredient with green onions, but the onions do not insist on taste, the vinegar's acidity prevails. There is little fat of pork, there is almost no heaviness of fat which tends to be found in the menu using meat, it is a menu that can be eaten at ease, so it seems to be able to eat even when it is bad summer.

By the way, many bowls can be eaten only with sauce and rice, but the sauce itself has a strong acidity and little umami, so it is not good to eat as a rice dish.

Next is a bowl of rice bowl. On the left is small sheng (380 yen including tax), right side is parallel (480 yen including tax), the design of the bowl is different, but the size is about the same as that of the onion lees pork bowl. The calorie is 611 kcal in small scale and 869 kcal in parallel.

Looking from the side like this. Small Sheng is the same handle as the beef bowl at Yoshinoya, and the squirrel isAn eel bowlThe same black vessel as.

Looking from above it looks like this. Calbi of the bowls offered bowls was burned a little.

The sachet which comes about together is a pepper sauce, which can be enjoyed by changing the taste on the way by using it.

Negishi salt roses Just like pork bowl, sesame is sprinkled on the meat.

Calvi is thicker and firmer than meat used in Yoshinoya's ordinary beef bowl.

Sauce is not as "plenty" as it is, but it is good enough to spread around the whole rice.

Calbee often eats with roasted meat or stir-fried sashimi with a thick sweet saggera but this bowl's sauce has less sweetness and less taste like fruits and onions like grilled meat sauce. The fat content of the meat is somewhat higher, but it is compatible with rice and it can be eaten lightly than the impression received from the image named "cow Calbee Bowl."

When I ate half of it, I tried putting pepper sauce on it.

This sauce is rich in sweetness and pungent, it has less habit and it tastes easy for all people to eat. Because the same taste continues on bowls, the seasoning that can change the taste is a thankful place.

The new menu of Yoshinoya this time was made quite easy and seems to be devised to provide easy-to-eat products even in the summer when appetite drops, such as offering small siri that we do not offer usually. In the summer, because of the heat, the appetite drops and the stamina tends to be insufficient, so it is a great place to have such a sliced ​​meat menu and small syogen.

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