98% of a cup of coffee is water, the remaining 2% is "what is very good"?

ByDaniel Hoherd

There is utility such as waking up in the morning and drinking a breath after meals, taking a breath and not having a coffee party, sometimes you want to drink coffee when you drink it when you drink, but what actually is included in a cup of coffee Whether there is a movie close to saying "What's Actually Inside Average Cup of Coffee"is.

What's Actually Inside Average Cup of Coffee - Wired Magazine - YouTube

98% of the coffee is water and the remaining 2% contain "very good".

A kind of ingredient that is producing an aroma of coffee is "2-Ethyl phenol"

However, 2 - ethylphenol is a substance contained in alarm pheromone which is given when cockroaches feel dangerous.

Another substance producing a good smell of coffee is "Dimethyl disulfide"

Dimethyl disulphide is a substance designated as a specific malodorous substance, which means that it smells like rotten meat.

Coffee is a delicious drink even if it contains the two disgusting substances mentioned above.

Origin of flavor like coffee butter is "Acetyl methyl carbinolIt is a substance called "butter."

TrigonellinIt is also a component of sweetness of coffee ......

There is also a function to protect teeth from dental caries.

3,5-dicaffeoylquinic acidIsFree radical(Active oxygen) It has the effect of protecting the brain from.

In short the coffeeAntioxidantIt is.

And if you say the ingredients of coffee everyone loves caffeine.

Caffeine is an alkaloid toxin like nicotine and cocaine.

Even if you do not have to be afraid of toxins, it's okay. Caffeine isAdenosine receptorBecause it blocks me ......

As a result, sleepiness gets worse and it causes the effect of waking up.

There seems to be a lot of substances that emit strong odors in the ingredients of coffee, and it contains shocking substances such as the same substances as cockroach pheromones, but that is the essence of coffee.

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