I tried using "VAIO Pro 11" with a weight of about 860 g · thinness of 17.2 mm

Three elements of lightness, smallness, and thinness become very important when laptops are carried around or used outdoors, but all three elements are equipped with "VAIO Pro 11"is. Battery life of the main unit has reached 11 hours, so when using it on the go, there is no fear that work will be interrupted immediately, so I borrowed the actual machine and actually used it on the go.

VAIO Pro 13/11 | "VAIO" | Sony

VAIO Pro 11 arrived in the editorial department in a black box.

What I was in was VAIO Pro 11 and an AC adapter.

On the top board is a glowing silver color and the character of VAIO. The top surface is not shiny, it has a smooth texture.

When weighing it, the official information is 870 g, but actually it was even lighter 862 g.

1100 g when fitting the AC adapter.

I found earphones jack, USB connector, HDMI connector on the right side.

The DC IN terminal was on the left side. Since LAN cable can not be connected directly, connect a wireless router (sold separately) to the AC adapter when using a PC in a wired environment only.

Looking from the front like this. The thinness is only 13.2 mm.

The opposite side is 17.2 mm.

I turned it over.

On the back side is the appearance of the seat battery connection terminal. Battery life of the main unit is 11 hours, but if you turn on the seat battery it will extend to 23 hours.

Discovered when the SD card slot was also turned over.

Because the cover is attached, it is a specification that dust etc. is difficult to enter.

I will open the display.

The keyboard looks something like this. The key stroke is 1.4 mm, and it has a feel of typing firmly.

The touch pad has NFC function.

Looking at the PC from the right side is like this.


You can beat the display so far up to this point.

A structure that floats the bottom when opening the display, so that heat does not stay.

Although it can not be said that you can smoothly move your finger on the screen because of the shiny screen, the response of the touch panel is pretty smooth, it was possible to enter characters from the keyboard on the display instead of the physical keyboard.

Because the keyboard has a backlight function, it seems that it can typing without problems even in the dark.

Speaker is between display and keyboard. It is installed so as to reflect on the display, and it adopts Sony's own high-quality sound technology, making it possible to achieve clear sounds that are not inherent in the PC.

Even without a seat battery, the driving time is 11 hours, it is lightweight to carry weight and size, so I actually tried out with VAIO Pro 11.

The logo "VAIO" is located so that you can read from people who meet you when you open the PC.

Because of its small size, it does not occupy a table even if there is not much space. Moreover, since the keyboard has become a palm rest design, the burden on the wrist is also lessened.

After having finished using it, it does not take time and it is also a point that I can put on a bag.

Since even a woman can carry it lightly, even if there is no space to put the PC it is possible to carry it with one hand with it.

VAIO Pro 11's over-the-counter sales model is Windows 8 64-bit, with Intel Core i5-4200U processor, display resolution is 1920 x 1080 full HD, memory maximum is 4 GB, SSD is about 128 GB. At the time of writingThe lowest price on the price .com is 12,4800 yenis.

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