Pocket Spacecraft "project which delivers pocket-sized minimal spacecraft to the moon, thinner than paper

It operates with solar cells, has various circuits, has a function as a sophisticated sun, can also be monitored from iOS / Android by installing an antenna, and it is suppressed to a price that can be reached by individuals A project that enables individual space exploration by open source · open access is "Pocket Spacecraft"is.

PocketSpacecraft.com | Open source open access personal space exploration

Send your own Pocket Spacecraft on a Mission to the Moon! By Pocket Spacecraft - Kickstarter

PocketSpacecraft: MIssion to the Moon KickStarter Video HD on Vimeo

This project is low price, open source,Open access, It provides a space exploration system that anyone can use. More than 20 open source projects that are necessary to make this mission successful since 2009 have been conducted by more than 100 volunteers in 20 countries around the world.

This is the spacecraft sent to space "Pocket Spacecraft"

Users supporting projects can differentiate their spaceships by using a web browser to add images to the surface of their Pocket Spacecraft or to customize the messages.

Pocket Spacecraft is smaller than CD and thinner than paper.

It actually feels like this in your hands.

The body partPolyimideFlexible circuit boards and equipment for applications, advanced functionsSun sailIt has the function as a NiTi Shape Memory Alloy and it also serves as an antenna by stretching it by the ring.

It is equipped with thin system-on-chip and solar cells.

This Pocket Spacecraft will be produced at the laboratory.

What was made is mounted on a mother ship called CubeSat for interplanetary navigation ......

It is loaded on a commercial rocket and jumps to space.

After going out to space, CubeSat is released from rocket ......

In addition some Pocket Spacecraft are released from CubeSat to prove that they can come back to Earth.

Users can also collect things that fell to the earth.

And the mother ship CubeSat departed to the moon, after arriving at the moon the rest of the Pocket Spacecraft was released and the Pocket Spacecraft mission was completed if landing on the moon.

With your own Pocket Mission Contro application, users can use Pocket Spacecraft's telemetry (d), installed applications (e), user training credits (f), ground station status (g), and users' Pocket Spacecraft in the universe Where you are (h), you can monitor five. (A) shows the main menu, (b) shows the user's confirmable Pocket Spacecraft list, (c) the user can change the design of own Pocket Spacecraft.

There are objects such as more than one million planets and asteroids in the universe, and most of them are unsearched. Project with the intention to prove that thousands of people including non-professional people can do useful science while having fun by sending themselves designed spaceships to those celestial bodies It seems that it is being advanced.

This project is currentlyKickstarterWe are seeking investment in 1 pound sterling (about 151 yen) possible. With the investment of 19 British pound (about 2872 yen), it is possible to put your own picture together with the picture of 50 other users in 'Crowd Scout'. "39 Team Scout" is given by the investment of British pound (about 5895 yen), and the image can be put by splitting the surface of Pocket Spacecraft together with the other 20 pairs. With a contribution of more than 99 GBP (approx. 15,000 YEN) you can freely place texts and images on most of the surface of Pocket Spacecraft.

It can be an opportunity to become a member of the space pioneer at affordable price because you can invest from the reach you can reach.

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