Understanding the underground shelter that was created assuming an unprecedented catastrophe

It was made conscious of nuclear war at the time of warUnderground shelterAnd movies that collected various things such as those that are made in anticipation of a possible catastrophe in the future are "REAL Apocalypse Shelters - FAK # 24"is.

REAL Apocalypse Shelters - FAK # 24

In the state of West VirginiaGreenbrier CountyIt is inThe GreenbrierAt first glance it is a luxury resort hotel ......

In the basementThe BunkerThere is a vast underground shelter called.

During the Cold War The BunkerUnited States CongressIt was made as an emergency evacuation shelter for. It is said that everyone is now open for observation.

A shelter stands on a huge broad ground of 0.5 mile (about 804 meters) in length, prepared to prepare for unforeseen circumstances that could happen in the futureVivosI am in Indiana.

Vivos of membership is 50,000 dollars (about 4.9 million yen) for each adult, child is 35 thousand dollars (about 3.4 million yen)

A sketch of the shelter that can accommodate 80 people is like this.

The interior is made quite luxurious.

A shelter door designed to withstand the explosion of 20 megatons.

There is also Vivos in Atchison Kansas.

The total area of ​​the shelter part of Vivos of Kansas State is 2 million square feet (185,000 square meters).

It is located at a depth of 130 feet (about 39.6 meters) from the surface of the earth.

It is in New York StateAdirondack Missile SiloIt is a remodeled military old missile hangar for underground shelter.

It seems to go up and down using the spiral staircase in the middle of the room.

The interior finished luxuriously and stylishly.

The deepest part of the Adirondack Missile Silo, shaped like a cylinder with a diameter of 52 feet (about 15.8 meters), is 185 feet (56.3 meters) from the ground.

Currently it is sold at 3 million dollars (about 290 million yen).

Luxury Survival CondoAlso like the Adirondack Missile Silo, an underground shelter with a cylindrical structure.

The total area of ​​the underground shelter is 54,000 square feet (about 500,000 square meters)

This is a room for 3 to 5 people.

On the other hand, the room for 6 to 10 people is like this.

Apart from residence, Luxury Survival Condo also has plenty of facilities such as aqueduct rooms, libraries and pools.

It is a little different from the underground shelter that has appeared so farAtlas Survival Shelters.

Atlas Survival Shelters is a metal pipe made rustlessly ......

A mechanism that sets it to the depth of 42 feet (12.8 meters) at the bottom of the house.

The interior of the room is slightly narrower than the others.

There is storage space when removing the floor board.

There is also an exit for emergency, you can check the vicinity at any time like the image.

You can also camouflage the emergency exit ......

When I closed the lid, I saw only the big stone.

Beijing was built in 1970 in preparation for nuclear war with RussiaUnderground City.

The Underground City which is made like a thin tunnel runs underground in the city of Beijing has a total area of ​​33 square miles (about 85.4 square kilometers).

The depth from the surface is 26 to 59 feet (about 8 to about 17.9 meters).

There were 90 entrances and entrances were stuck in the main street in Beijing.

No one knows whether an unprecedented situation will occur in the near future, but it may be important to prepare firmly as there is a word saying there is no grievance if it is prepared.

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