As a viewpoint of climbing a crane of 90 meters high without a lifeline can be tasted, a person with a high altitude phobia should not watch a movie

James Kingston is publishing a movie on YouTube that seems to be sweating with tension when looking at the situation that if you slide your hands on the crane, you will not have a life. It climbs to a crane of about 90 m in height in the city of Southampton in the United Kingdom without a lifeline, standing on a small footing, hanging around hanging around the steel frame, is doing it altogether.

The height of folly? No, I reckon this is very safe! Daredevil captured dangling from crane in YouTube video speaks about his death-defying stunt | Mail Online

The way the Kingston climbs the crane can be seen from the following movie.

POV Crane Climb in Southampton, UK with James Kingston - GoPro HD Hero 3 Adventures (ORIGINAL) - YouTube

This crane is going to climb this time. The height is about 90 m.

First, we cross the fence and approach the crane.

Climb up the ladder of the crane and move to a higher position.

I got off to the place with the floor and took a rest.

It is a height that you can see the city already.

I will further climb.

Kingston who goes through a narrow place.

And arrived at the end of the ladder.

Step in on the crane jib.

The street illuminated by the setting sunset is a magnificent view.

Kingston walking on a thin steel frame.

Upright with half legs protruding from the steel frame. Bottom is the sea.

And grabbed to steel as if to do with a steel bar ......

Hanging with the hands with both hands.


I turned my eyes to the camera.

Then, somehow Kingston's left hand appears in the camera.

He was hanging with one hand with a bang.

"I'm going to live, not going to a higher place to die" James Kingston is a 22-year-old part-time model. Why did you choose to climb the crane? That is why it was because there were only cranes as it was simply a locally high place. Other in Los AngelesNight craneHe also hangs, but he said that he never got injured. "Since I am constantly honing the technology, it is very safe to do what I do, I do not hang with one hand with a crane that I can not lift my body by myself"Talked about. In addition, Kingston 's ambition is to become a professional stuntman.

Also, in the past, Russian youths Vitaly Raskalov and Alexander Remnov who talked up to a high place like a Kingston without a lifeline were talked about.

Мост на Остров Русский / The bridge on the Island Russkiy - YouTube

It is two people who peace together, but it is on the bridge 320 m above the ground.

The bridge looks small.

Going sideways walking outside of the fencing rush ......

High touch.

Finally climb on the fence.

Vitaly Raskalov and Alexander Remnov both climbed to the high altitude of Russia in addition to the bridge and photographed the pictures and there are pictures that will hurt yourself just by lookingIt is up..

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