The set meal style in Japan is a classic menu Colombian food situation is too wonderful

The taste and price are perfect, the balance of meat and vegetables is also taken, the most important thing is that the staple food is rice, it was a Colombian meal. I felt uneasy about soup that appeared when ordering for the first time, "I thought it was just this?", But I am going to have a main plate as if kicking that concern or even juice. In Colombia, a meal came out from about 4000 pesos (about 210 yen) to 8000 pesos (about 420 yen).

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. Colombia became the first country in South America, but I was happy that the food situation was satisfactory. Always remember miso soup on soup that comes with it. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a set meal in Japan, I will eat the food situation in Colombia.

◆ How to order
Do not start if you enter a store and ask "What is there?" Because the shop people say things like "Ban de Ha, Carne, Poyo, Celedo", I managed to understand and order. Basically choose from "cow (les), swine (cerdo), chicken (poyo)". After choosing the meat, the cooking method was also asked "baking (Assado), frying (Frito), simmering (Suda)". If you want soup and drinks, "set (complete)". Check the price and if there is no problem, please order. Although I seemed to be able to order even a single item, I always used myself as a set.

It is easy to order if there is a menu in front of the store like this ....

Where there is a daily menu there is something that you can communicate with "Menu de Dia (Today's menu)".

◆ soup
Once you place an order, soup comes out right away. As this soup also has its kind, I was looking forward to seeing what comes out.


Fluffy Eggs


Here is also fish

Lumpy lever type soup

Beef with bone and potatoes. I was surprised because the stone pot came out.

It's also fresh with potato soup

This is pasta soup

Soup of Colombian specialty 'Ahiaco'. I cook as much as potatoes collapse and draw it.

◆ Juice
There is no commercial item like Coke, but drinks such as lemonade and fruit juice will follow. Fruit juice was squeezing the fruit.


Mango fruit juice. Pineapples and passion fruits also came out.

◆ Main plate
Rice, meat, beans, potatoes, vegetables, bananas and fried eggs rarely, one dish with avocado. It was healthy because vegetables are sure to follow. I am happy that I can eat rice everyday while I am abroad. It was a plenty of volumes that constantly consumes calories California was a satisfying meal.

Stewed beef stew

Simmered also

Cow steak. One gorgeous plate with avocado with fried egg.

I was worried about "steady beef steak" "820 pesos (about 420 yen)" as I was asking the first price I was worried.

Pork steak

me too.

Quite well, I also eat pork steak.

Anyway, there was a quantity, there was a response to eat.

Pork also has fries. It looked like a Japanese cutlet.

A set of fried chicken that I ate in the local area of ​​Colombia's second largest city Medellín

This set we ate in the small town's cafeteria was 3500 pesos (about 185 yen) and the lowest in Colombia

Roast chicken

Whether it was fried or roasted, there were many chicken canteen.

If you want to keep the oil modest, simmered chicken is crispy.

Even though there is nothing around the Andes mountain, it is already said that the dishes when such dishes came out.

In addition to cattle, pigs, chickens sausage is also.

Fish (Pescado) inevitably wanted to order and ordered. Tastefully tasted sauce was entangled with white whites that was Hokuhoku and it was delicious.

◆ Set Menu
When soup and juice and main plate are aligned it becomes as follows. I do not know a country with such a high quality so far.

The chicken meat set that I first asked for in Bogota, the capital city, was 5500 pesos (about 290 yen)

The pork set comes with a banana of 6500 pesos (about 340 yen) and dessert.

If it costs 4000 pesos (about 210 yen), beef will be smaller.

The chicken set is 5000 pesos (about 260 yen)

This chicken meat set, which had become a promotion menu, costs 5300 pesos (about 280 yen)

Beef set 7000 pesos (about 370 yen)

This set of beef was 6000 pesos (about 315 yen), so the upload was the main day, so I was saved because I could eat this much at noon.

The last meal in Colombia that I ate at the border with Ecuador was also a standard set. 4000 pesos (about 210 yen).

It does not become a set with soup and juice, but there is also a dish called "Bandehapaisa". Sausage, fried pork fat, rice, beans, bananas, fried eggs and Colombia ingredients packed with ingredients.

I tried it at the beginning and the end of Colombia, but both were in great amounts. With this plate it costs 10000 pesos (about 525 yen)

A breakfast
Colombia is also full of breakfast (desauno). The menu looks something like this.

I have been eating beef from the morning. It is a full course.

hot chocolate

Put a hard bread from Alepa, corn derived from corn, on a half-rounded fried egg.


It was meat from this morning. If you eat this much, you can run firmly in the morning.

◆ One day in Colombia
Breakfast a little sweet fried bread and cheese coffee. 2000 pesos (about 105 yen).

Lunch is a set of chicken. 4500 pesos (about 235 yen).

Ice cream with plentiful raisins for breaks. 500 pesos (about 25 yen).

Dinner is 5000 pesos (about 260 yen) with a lever (Igada) steak

Dinner is not enough for a moment and I get a hormone baked stall. It costs 1,000 pesos (about 50 yen).

Dietary life in Colombia was like this.

I am eating hand-made chicken and potatoes after entering Ecuador. There are dishes that use knives and forks, but Colombia has more dishes. Since the Andean was just a mountain, I have eaten firmly everyday. Colombia is famous as a country of beauty, but totally dumplings than flowers. Colombian cuisine that was well-balanced was the best, even if it was a set menu or a main plate ingredient.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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