Multi-legged walking robot "Mantis" that you can actually get on and steer yourself

A 6 legged walking robot equipped with a turbo diesel engine with a weight of 1900 kg, a height of 2.8 m and a 2.2 liter, allowing people to board and moveMantis"is. Speaking of multi-legged robots, multi-legged tanks that appear in the Ghost in the Ghost in the ShellTachikomaI imagine, but I am overwhelming presence that can not beat Tachikoma.

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Mantis - Two Tonne Turbo Diesel Hexapod Walking Machine - YouTube

The name of multi-legged robot is Mantis, meaning is "mantis".

A person gets aboard the goddam ... ...

I will sit down in the cockpit. In the cockpit, the monitor, the maneuvering cancer, and various kinds of switches are astounding.

Twist the key on the panel and Mantis' engine started. You can also see an emergency stop button labeled "EMERGENCY STOP" on this panel.

If you operate another electronic panel ... ...

Bitcat and lights are on.

Ready! Mantis starts to move as much as to say.

Since the joint part of the foot has a bellows structure, it feels strong in movement.

Although it has become gnit, there is no problem at all.

Moving slowly forward ......

Looking at Mantis from behind like this.

It seems to be a spider of six legs rather than a mantis.

There is a cockpit where people can board in the center part where six legs gather, and it is designed to reduce shaking even while Mantis is moving.

The view from inside the cockpit seems surprisingly good.

Because it keeps the balance with six legs, even if one foot is put on a high place, it does not greatly break the balance.

An obstacle suddenly appeared.

Lift your legs ......

I will kick you.

Rolling rope ......

It is not just walking, it seems possible to operate one foot one by one finely.

In the following movie, you can see how the test driving in 2012 was done.

Mantis - Hexapod Walking Machine Tests 2012 - YouTube

Although it can not move still more quickly, it is expected that even further evolution is expected as movement is quite sophisticated, as it is possible to move each foot to dexterity or the shaking of the cockpit part is reduced is.

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