Various movies trying to destroy iPhone 5 with sniper guns, chain saws, hot water, etc.

Sometimes when you are using iPhone 5, you may be uneasy about dropping, pressure in a crowded train, or not being broken, but actually how far can you stand the iPhone 5 in a variety of situations A lot of movies to experiment are uploaded to YouTube. Among them, the ranking which collected extreme things was made in the movie "destruction experiment" which adds extremely strong power.

Top 5 Destruction Tests on iPhone 5

◆ No. 5: Drag the iPhone 5 by car & dump it from the window of the car & throw up and drop it high

IPhone 5 vs. Car: Ran Over And Thrown To Destruction - YouTube

I will continue to check the strength by pulling the iPhone 5 that the man has, from now on. By the way, although the screen is already terrible, it seems to be because it is scratching with a knife or key, so it is not problematic in operation.

Install iPhone 5 in front of the front wheels of the car.

I tried it with a car, but I could not hear such a big impact sound.

On the back of the iPhone 5 drawn by the car is a trace of the tire.

Although some scratches are recognized on the screen, it works without problems.

Next, running the car while crying "I like Android!", I threw the iPhone 5 from the window.

Pass the thrown iPhone 5 without mercy on the car.

If you check the iPhone 5, scratches on the screen increased like the previous experiment, but you can use it without problems.

At the end is an experiment to drop iPhone 5 from high place. IPhone 5 in hand ... ...

Throw to high with a pawn.

IPhone 5 was hit on the asphalt as it was.

Up to this point is the iPhone 5 I've been doing my best, but it has become completely frustrating with this.

The display is about to come off the main body.

◆ No. 4: I will put the iPhone 5 in boiling hot water

IPhone 5 Boiling Hot Water Drop Test - Will it Survive? - YouTube

The fourth place is an experiment of how much we can withstand iPhone 5 by popping it into boiling water.

Set a stopwatch and put iPhone 5 in hot water.

It has passed 10 seconds but has not changed yet.

After 16 seconds, it got dark from the right side of iPhone 5's screen.

When 18 seconds have passed, most of the screen is already black.

About 20 seconds later the iPhone 5 is completely silenced.

I tried to remove it from hot water and check it, but the iPhone 5 did not respond at all.

◆ No. 3: Drill a hole in the iPhone 5

IPhone 5 Drill Test - How to Destroy an iPhone 5 - DESTRUCTION CRASH TEST - - YouTube

The third place is an experiment that pierces the iPhone 5 with a drill penetrating the steel.

Since it is dangerous to have with hands, fix the iPhone 5 firmly with the feet and start the experiment.

After applying the drill to the iPhone 5 for a while, distortion occurred on the screen.

Once I checked it was a small hole opened.

I caught the iPhone 5 again with my feet and resumed the experiment.

Now the cracks entered the screen immediately. However, it seems that we will not drill any further.

After confirming the experiment, it seems that the iPhone 5 screen has a slightly larger hole on the screen, but it works without problems.

◆ No. 2: Try cutting the iPhone 5 with a chainsaw

IPhone 5 vs Chainsaw: Destruction Test - YouTube

The second place in the iPhone 5 Destruction Experimental Movie is to chop the iPhone 5 with a chainsaw and it is getting more and more radical experiments.

Set the iPhone 5 on the table and start the experiment.

The white frame at the top of the iPhone 5 blew away just by the rotating chainsaw blade hitting it.

When a blade reaches about half of the iPhone 5, an unnatural uplift has occurred on the screen and black liquid started scattering.

Before the blade of the chainsaw reaches the end iPhone 5 is torn.

Due to the power of the chain saw being too strong, the iPhone 5 after the experiment seemed to be unrepentable.

◆ No. 1: Sniping iPhone 5 with a gun

IPhone 5 vs. 50 Cal: Tech Assassin - RatedRR Richard Ryan - 50 cal iPhone 5 - YouTube

The first place in the prosperous destroyed movie for the prosperous iPhone 5Barrett M82Aimed at snipering iPhone 5 with a semiautomatic sniper ___ ___ 0

I will set iPhone 5 on a table set in the middle of the wilderness.

The sniper sniper iPhone 5 with the lying down position from a place a little away.

First shot launch.

Bullet is aligned with the top of the iPhone 5 in straight line.

The big flame went up the moment I landed.

When checking it, the upper right part of iPhone 5 was completely gone.

This time I aim for a clean hit and a man holding a gun once more.

Also shoot the second bullet.

Next time I'm going to be in the middle of the iPhone 5.

It seems the bullet penetrated the iPhone 5 neatly.

Naturally because it was shot with a gun, the front looked terrible with such feeling.

I do not think anyone can try it on my iPhone 5, but some of the experiments are dangerous, so please do not do it.

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