"Invasive Species" gathered mobile base stations that have been disguised like trees growing naturally but are not extremely unnatural

Mobile terminals such as mobile phones and tablets are widely spread all over the worldHowever, as a hindrance there are things that mobile base stations are disturbed and disturb the landscape of the town. As the base stations do not destroy the landscape, the photographs taken by camouflaging in the tree and trying to blend into the surroundings are "Invasive Species"is.

Dillon Marsh Photography - Invasive Species

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A South African photographer, Dillon Marsh, said that attempts to disguise mobile base stations that cell phone companies are doing not to disturb the landscape are just things that are unbearable and that they have floated from the surroundings Created a photograph series "Invasive Species" of harmonious base stations collected from various countries. According to Marsh, "I met a base station that made one disguise in 2009 and decided to look for a camouflaged base station around Cape Town and take a picture."

◆ Mobile base station disguised as 12 types of trees taken by Mrs. Marsh

There is a base station like an oddly long tree only one

This is also a base station imitating a tall tree

It seems that it is imagining a tree with branches cut off, but this only looks like an artifact

Various mismatch

A suspicious base station that may be a tree

Building in a place without tall buildings or trees makes it feel quite prominent

Only one tree is unnaturally straight, although another tree is lying down

It has a funky shape

This seems to well blend well with other things compared to other things, is the real thing floating

It seems that many base stations disguised as trees are of this design

As the seasons change and the leaves wither, it seems to become a further floating existence

Even though it is camouflaged as a tree, it is guarded not to be close to the base station

This camouflage which does not destroy the landscape seems to be still a lot of room for improvement.

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