The expected contents in the vicinity of "WWDC 2013" expected to be released "iOS 7" and the next "Mac OS X"

Japan Time June 11th at 2:00 am Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (World Developer Conference, hereafterWWDC) Will be held at the Moscone West in San Francisco for five days, Apple will release "I can know the future of iOS and OS X"Probably the next" iOS 7 "and the next" Mac OS X ", as well as MacBook updates that prices have not been revised yet, or according to the New York TimesIRadioAccording to BloombergIWatch, Perhaps it is a very low probability, maybe a bit of iPhone will come out? It is expected with feeling like it.

So, already on the net photos from the venue have been uploaded one after the other.

"7" on the banner board listed at the reception of WWDC. Even if you look at it, the functional thing about "iOS 7" is an event for developers so it should be announced in detail.

With enlargement like this, there is something like a dot in the background, is it also meaningful?

Is the font of this font "Helvetica Neue LT Std 25 UltraLite"? And it seems to suggest something.

This is the venue of San Francisco Moscone West



This strange colorfulness may have more meaning than design.

At the reception, there is a further "X" banner board. Even if this is also seen, it is about "OS X", and what is in the background is a wave, that is, a big wave.

This year's WWDC jacket that can come with you coming

Admission pass to enter

The press etc. are waiting already

Also, a spoiler making movie called "I made a picture like this because it seems to be a flat design" suddenly appeared and it was said that "It is a screen leak on iOS 7" has also been released .

How to make a rumor "Apple iOS" - Only WWDC truth - YouTube

Regardless of such a thing, if it is totally flat design it will be like this? Expected

A more realistic flat design

What will eventually be announced?

It is almost time for everything to unveil it.

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