The surfboard drifts in the sea why the seal is very popular for seals why

Seal Pup Slip n 'Slide "that a camera attached to a surfboard by chance shot a child's child trying to ride a surfboard many times over and over.

Seal Pup Slip n 'Slide (surfboard remote camera) - YouTube

Apparently the surfboard floating in the sea seems to be very popular with seals, one child's seal also shows interest and comes closer.

Fins on the board ......

I will lift my body.

But does the board slip better than I expected?

Failure to ride the board without fail.

After a while, I came from the other side this time.

I will apply a fin.

I do not like the location or change the ride points.

Please take another momentum ......

I will ride it vigorously.

But this morning I'm going to the opposite side.

Next is a black seal, not a gray child seal ever.

This is also caught on the board with a fillet.

I ride on the board nice and nice.

After a while, the gray child seals also appeared.

I will ride on the board little by little by using the failure so far.

She slides on the board, so she is trying hard not to fall desperately.

However, it falls short.

A child seal went around around the board again.

Just putting weight on the board will go somewhere.

A black seal falls from a tilted board.

A child seal not giving up at all.

After I take a breath ......

I will ride. The child seal is desperate, but its expression is very cute.

Was it successful?

I will show the expression that can not be said to the camera at all.

A child seal that resists desperately to fall and a black seal watching quietly and silently nearer.

A black seal watching over unexpectedly threatens child seals.

I am surprised and fall.

A child seal appeared on the opposite side.

I will try to ride in parallel with the board this time.

The board slanted and the black seal fell again. Is it aiming for children's seals?

The scene has changed, and child seals succeed in getting on board well.

Inflate your nose and gaze at the camera.

Is it a face of pleasure, it is a very nice look.

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