6 types of pinhole camera "ONDU Pinhole Cameras" which is strong and easy to use wooden

A wooden pinhole camera that is strong and easy to use, made by a photographer Elvis Halilovic who takes pictures with a camera without lens,ONDU Pinhole Cameras"is.

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Elvis who photographed the picture using his own pinhole camera for seven years seems to like the finish when photographing with a pinhole camera waiting for an unknown surprise or mistake, Since he was also an industrial designer and a carpenter, I made six kinds of wooden pinhole cameras using my own knowledge and technology.

The smallest and lightest is "ONDU 135 POCKET PINHOLE".

For shooting35 mm filmUsed, the pinhole size is 0.2 mm and the focal length is 25 mm, with a standard tripod mount.

Since 35 mm film is used, it is possible to shoot in 36 × 24 mm, and the finish when actually shooting is like this.

"ONDU 135 PANORAMIC PINHOLE" is a pinhole camera that can shoot in 36 × 24 mm and 72 × 24 mm.

For filming, 35 mm film is used, pinhole size is 0.2 mm, focal length is 25 mm, with standard tripod mount.

When shooting in 72 × 24 mm, you can panorama the 113 ° view.

Next is "ONDU 6 × 6 POCKET PINHOLE". Compact size feeling as well as "ONDU 135 POCKET PINHOLE". This camera120 film, The pinhole size is 0.2 mm, the focal length is 25 mm, with a standard tripod mount.

Because we use 120 film, when we shoot at 56 × 56 mm, the angle of visibility is 115 degrees.

"ONDU 6 × 12 MULTIFPORMAT PINHOLE" can shoot with three aspect ratios of 6: 6, 6: 9 and 6: 12. Although it is possible to shoot images similar to ONDU 135, the film used is 120 films.

A 0.3 mm pinhole glitters. The focal length is 40 mm and the standard tripod mount is also equipped.

"ONDU 4" × 5 "LARGE PINHOLE" is the best for experienced pinhole camera. 0.3 mm pinhole, focal length 60 mm, standard tripod mount is also equipped.

On the back4 × 5 filmAttach and fix with bar parts.

It is possible to take pictures like this.

And the sixth pinhole camera is "ONDU SLIDING BOX PINHOLE". With a 0.3 mm pinhole the focal length is 50 mm, this model has no standard tripod mount.

For photography, I used photographic paper of 10.5 x 14.8 cm. ONDU SLIDING BOX Looks like this when you shoot with PINHOLE.

In addition, this wooden pinhole camera currentlyKickstarterONDU 135 POCKET PINHOLE "is 60 dollars (about 5800 yen)," ONDU 135 PANORAMIC PINHOLE "is 80 dollars (about 7700 yen)," ONDU 6 × 6 POCKET PINHOLE "100 dollars "ONDU 4 × 5" LARGE PINHOlLE "150 dollars (about 15,000 yen)," ONDU SLIDING BOX PINHOLE "is 200 yen (about 1,700 yen)," ONDU 6 × 12 MULTIFPORMAT PINHOLE " You can get with the investment of the dollar (about 19,000 yen), and the deadline is 1:02 am Thursday, June 13th, Japan time.

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