I ate "Blue tea" and blue tea cuisine whose color changes by "TOCCA CAFE"

The fact that the food that reddish cooks stirs appetiteWith some exceptionsThere are not many blue foods, but it appeared on Hankyu UmidaTOCCA CAFESo, if you put lemon syrup for a limited time, you will be provided with blue tea and Mediterranean blue foods that change color.


TOCCA CAFE is a cafe "CHEER'S" of Hankyu Umida 4F which is specially spec.

It is a limited time cafe from May 22nd to June 4th.

That is why I ordered a hot Morou Blue Tea (650 yen including tax) hotly.

Hot water and tea leaves were separated.

Mallow blue is a purple flower, herb that is also good for gastritis, stomach ulcers, cough, etc. Maro Blue Tea is the queen of MonacoGrace KellyHe liked it often and was drinking.

I will introduce tea leaves while the hot water does not cool down.

After waiting for a while ... ....

Hot water has changed to pale light blue color.

It is pale blue.

Looking from above it looks like this.

I will pour it to the cup when I wait about a minute and a half. Slightly violet blue. Here, when you add honey lemon syrup, the blue drink changes slowly to pink color.

So, you can see how the color of Mellow Blue Tea is changing from the following movie.

When lemon syrup is put in blue tea "Mauro Blue Tea" it becomes like this - YouTube

It is a shade like a morning glow with blue and pink gradation.

I mixed it and it turned out to be a pink drink.

Since Mellow Blue Tea changes its color by oxidation, its color changes rapidly even if it is left without drinking. How will it change when honey lemon syrup is introduced at an earlier stage ...? I wanted to see that, so I ordered it again.

The appearance of honey lemon syrup being added to a pale blue Mellow Blue Tea is from the following movie.

I tried putting lemon syrup in "Marrow Blue Tea" of bright light blue - YouTube

When I added syrup, it changed to pale pinker than before.

The blue menu was not only for tea but also for cooking. Below are French toast and blueBran Mangier"TOCCA · Daisy Plate (1470 yen including tax)" set

French toast of brioche with flower type cookie added.

I will spend plenty of honey syrup.

Trying it out like this.

The inside is no longer as evident as bread, and it is very good, combined with crispy texture of hedge.

Caramel is on the surface like a cream brulee, you can enjoy a crisp texture.

And, when brown food is gone, I will eat blue food. First of all, Daisy petit cake coated with white chocolate that is not white.

There was a small small cake like Financier in it.

It is a blue cake that looks pretty impressive, but its taste is mild and a bit sweet, so it is nice to eat it with Marlow Blue Tea that was asserated.

And blueBran MangierIt is a strange food that puts a jelly of basil and tomato and a compote on top of it.

Bran Mangier is a sweet paste made with gelatin with milk flavored with sugar or cream, but with tomatoes and basil on top of it it is impossible to predict the taste ....

It is very blue.

With a texture that is softer than the pudding, when you eat together a fluffy sweet Bran Mangier and a consomme-like tomato jelly · compote, it's like a salt ice-like atmosphere. When blue food comes in sight, it is a little confused as "What on earth are you eating ...?", But it was very elegant and gentle taste when I closed my eyes and tasted it.

In addition, while eating a daisy plate, the color of the marrow blue tea changes rapidly, and the last one changes to a candy like ordinary tea.

While being surrounded by blue food may seem a little surreal, but because the color of light blue tea is unexpectedly impressed "oh", I want to refresh when I am tired of shopping It seems to be good if you come to the time.

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