The presentation of TED is a wonderful persuasive power, but is it really understood?

BySuzie Katz

It is the 42nd US PresidentBill ClintonAnd 74th Prime Minister of the 74thGordon Brown, Is the founder of GoogleLarry PagePeople such as famous people also participate "TEDMany excellent presentations are held at the conference, and sometimes it is taken up as an example of a high-level presentation at the education site. Also, many of the people who participated as audiences at the TED conference are said to be deeply thoughtful about the presentation heard and can be convinced about the topics taken up in the presentation. However, blogger Alex Mayashi wonders why the presentation done at the TED conference goes to the audience's mind, a blog that casts doubtsPriceonomicsPosted on.

Is This Why TED Talks Seem So Convincing? - Priceonomics Blog

According to Mr. Mayashi, the experimental content of a psychologist group was written "Appearances Can Be DeceivingHe told me the reason why the presentation performed at the TED conference is felt within the thesis of the theme "The person (who does not depend on his appearance)".

The psychologists conducted the experiments, the two presenters with completely different levels "WhyMikane catIs there almost only a female? "To the two student groups and then to comprehend the understanding of the topic from the test results that have been carried out after that. Of the two who made the presentation, one gave a wonderful presentation using the presentation technology used at the TED conference, another one got a so-called poor presentation just to read the notes, packed with words I did it.


A student asking the degree of comprehension about the topic "Why are three tortoises cats only female?" Was asked to the student who heard the presentation, and as a result, the student who heard the presentation using the presentation skill of TED had the one There was a natural result that I understood and remember topics better than the student group of.

However, in a test to measure understanding of the topic of the student conducted later, there were results that could not be predicted from the questionnaire. For the following graphs, the vertical axis shows the degree of comprehension to the topic of the student, the horizontal axis shows the students listening to the presentation using TED's presentation skill, the right listens to the presentation while reading the notes The student is displayed. For each student groupThe expected degree of understanding before the testA black bar representingThe actual understanding degree obtained from the test resultA gray bar that shows that is displayed. According to the graph, it is found that there is little difference between the numerical values ​​showing the actual degree of comprehension of the two student groups, and it is represented by the black bar of the student who heard the presentation using the presentation skills of TEDThe degree of comprehension expected before the testAnd indicated by a gray barThe actual understanding degree obtained from the test resultIt turned out that the difference was quite large.

In the experiment only one topic of "Why are three tortoises cats only female?" Is handled,High level of presentationWhenComprehension level on the topic of the presenter's presentationIt is difficult to conclude that it is not proportional. However, it can be said from the experimental results that people who heard the high-level presentation got the illusion that they could learn everything explained in the presentation.

Mr. Mayashi who posted the blog argues that after listening to the high level presentation at the TED conference, you should first ask yourself whether you can explain the topic of the presentation. According to Mr. Mayashi, the presentation done at the TED conference is a presenter with a great skill, plus the music and lighting to excit the venue effectively, so that the audience can easily understand the topics of the presentation easily Although I do not know whether it is done or not, I believe that I could understand it insolently, after all I think that the presentation of TED feels wonderful.

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