KDDI R & D Laboratories develops Advanced MIMO technology capable of broadcasting several times the data of LTE

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KDDI R & D Laboratories has developed Advanced MIMO technology that improves frequency utilization efficiency by about 3 times compared with LTE, and can send a lot of data at a stroke.

Development of advanced MIMO technology capable of sending data several times larger than LTE at a stretch | 2013 | KDDI R & D Laboratories, Inc.

Due to the spread of smartphones, the amount of data traffic has explodedly increased, and it is an urgent task for mobile phone carrier companies to make effective use of frequency.

MIMO is "Multiple-Input Multiple-Output". It is a technology that can improve the communication speed by combining multiple antennas at the base station and the terminal side, and is now utilized as one of traffic countermeasures.

However, as the number of antennas to be combined increases, interference tends to occur, so KDDI R & D Laboratories developed the Advanced MIMO technology of this time in order to reduce interference and further improve the frequency use efficiency.

With this technology, the frequency utilization efficiency will improve to about 3 times (20 bps / Hz) of LTE.

In the future, KDDI R & D Laboratories will propose standardization proposal of this technology, aim for early practical application, and will strive to further improve the accuracy.

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