There is also the possibility to replace the existing meal to print food with a 3D printer

The development of 3D printers that produce food is underway with NASA receiving funding of $ 125,000 (about 13 million yen). This is an engineer'sAnjan ContractorThis project is planned to be used as a means of dining when traveling in space for a long time, such as Mars exploration, which will be carried out in the future.

The audacious plan to end hunger with 3-D printed food - Quartz

Details of 3D printers can be checked from the following movies.

3D Printing: now printing food too - YouTube

3D printers are machines that can be created with complicated structures by layering layers. In 2012, various 3D printers were made for home use, and nowGeneral ElectricIt is also used for the production of jet engines, and it also plays a big role industrially.

Mr. Contractor draws the future with one 3D printer in the kitchen of every family in the head and the 12 billion people existing on the future earth tend to use oil purchased from the common supermarket and dedicated powder I would like to have a nutritious meal suitable for each body. For example, older men have less carbohydrates.

On the contrary, carbohydrates are large and calcium is less in sportsmen.

Pregnant women take omega-3 fatty acids well ... ... it will be easy to adjust with powder formulation.

Currently there is a restriction that "Even if you eat beef, you do not take protein from insects", but with powder it is possible to take nutrition from any living thing without such restriction.

The design of food also changed.

Chain-like design.

The texture is different from the food so far, it is completely new.

It is like this when lining up at the table.

You can also create a cute little dessert.

Multiple things are mixed in 3D printing method. The following is a technique called stereolithography that uses a laser to form a stereoscopic image.

Selective laser sintering to sinter the material with carbon dioxide laser.

Three-dimensional objects like this are completed.

It will condense by placing liquid on the flat spreading powderP.B.PMethod called.

The completed three-dimensional object is smoother than the one made by selective laser sintering.

ABS resin laminate molding using ABS resin.

Here is the completed one.

Because it is made from a powdery material that can be preserved for 30 years, it is possible to eliminate waste of food. It consists of ingredients such as sugar, carbohydrate and protein, and it is mixed with water and oil and outputted with a 3D printer, which has the potential to replace the existing meal as future food.

A 3D printer that creates the following chocolate is a prototype made to get NASA's subsidy.

Chocolate Printing Trial1.mp4 - YouTube

Contractor says, "If there is resistance to the food made from the same machine as the jet engine or the machine that creates art, it is because you are not bothered by your food." As many economists say, the current food system is inadequate to support the population of 12 billion people, it is necessary to change the perception of what we regard as food.

One of the candidates for food made with this 3D printer is pizza. Because pizza can be printed on individual layers separately, because it is easy to make, the fabric is baked on a heated plate at the same time as printing and then goes into the creation of the base of tomatoes. And finally put on top of pizza with protein layer using liquid made from milk or animal and plant. This idea is currently in the planning stage and we plan to create the real thing within the next two weeks.

Since 3D printers are open source, you can enter recipes using software and set the powder melted in water or oil to make your favorite dish. Please note that details such as price are undecided now because finished prototype is not finished at present.

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