"Cut Food" shot in a situation where you actually eat a cross section of food

Food stylist's art of showing cross-sectional view of food that you normally do not see from the side such as instant noodles in cup and ice creamCharlotte OmnesAnd a photographerBeth GaltonI made it.

Beth Galton »Conceptual

For example, I put milk and sugar in hot coffee.


Instant noodles have less soup ... ....

Watch ketchup and mustard on American dog

Drive chocolate into cup ice cream

Cum on milk in a cereal with bag

Canned foods whose contents can not be seen at all are such a feeling, and those in the lower part are crushed by the utensils.

This art, Beth's client "from the client"BritoPlease cut it in half and take it. "It seems that it was a flashing thing from being told. Icecream and American dog seem to be able to manage it, but how did you shoot ramen ...?

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