Two layer structure of matcha and white chocolate "Mushroom mountain powdered tea milk" Tasting review

Meiji's long-selling product "Mountain of mushrooms"New green tea milk flavor has been on sale from May 7. This time the green tea milk has a two-layered structure of Matcha and Milk, so I bought it and tried it at once.

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In the package, the illustration of powdered tea milk in the center and the mountain of mushroom of milk taste of Matcha on both sides are printed.

You can check the text of Matcha in raw materials.

It is 66 g per box and 372 kcal. The mountain of normal chocolate mushrooms is 82 g at 453 kcal, so the calorie per 1 g is higher for new items.

It is a two-layer structure of chocolate with white tea blended and white white chocolate.

When opening the paper package the vinyl package will come out the same as the normal mushroom mountain.

When opening the package, there is a mountain of green and white chocolate mushrooms. The smell of Matcha spreads.

There were 27 pieces in all.

Looking from directly above it is like this. Green is brilliant.

Compared to the normal chocolate taste, only the part of chocolate seems to be different, so the part of the cracker is the same.

I will eat it. The taste of Matcha is weak and the taste of milk and chocolate is strong without feeling the original umami or bitterness of Matcha. The white layer tastes white chocolate properly. The cracker part is crispy and the texture is good.

When comparing with chocolate taste, chocolate tastes like chocolate. Especially because it is not strong taste of personality, it is not a problem to eat two kinds together.

The price of Mushroom Matcha Milk is 210 yen including tax.

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