"Spy vs Guy" Russian secret agent tries to take super important secrets from pizza delivery bytes with his hands by using spy goods

A secret agent in Russia who inadvertently failed in the mission by trampling steadily in the 1970s in the United States, a movie struggling to recapture super sensitive information from youth of pizza delivery while using past spy goods to recover in the present "Spy vs Guy"is. Although it is open to the public for free, it is about 17 minutes long, it has become a very high quality video / story, and it has become a pretty spectacular work.

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One man who appeared in Washington, D.C. in the 1970s in the Cold War Turnaround.

In a secret place I handed the file to a man and I look over it.

Illustrations like something going out with coins around the coin ......

It seized from the Soviet Union, the coin has been equipped with missile guidance devices, seems to be able to turn on and off the power with remote control.

The remote control is put in a paper bag and handed over to a man who is a spy.

I will try to hand the coins as well ......

Spy shots this man. In other words, I got back the missile guidance device that was seized by the United States here.

A spy that leaves the spot to escape.

I got on the car I was waiting for and gave the remote control, mission complete. It is a spy that breathes in cola I bought, but to the word "Were coins available?"

Looking down at the bottle silently and slowly turning to the side ... ...

There is a vending machine.

This spy, I did something completely bad ... ....


The scene changed, fishing came out from the vending machine with the Chalim Chalin.

It was in the pocket that I got coins of fishing ......

A man with a pizza delivery person. The era is modern, the place is the state of Pennsylvania in America.

I got home and threw out the keys and coins we put in my pocket casually on the microwave oven.

And warmed the frozen food. However, this microwave oven, the front glass is a little broken ......

The microwave was leaking outside, and there was an accident in the coin that received it.

A flashing flashing coin.

The place has changed and somewhere in Russia.

Now we received a coin signal at a base not already in use, the machine began to move.

The monitor automatically turns on.

In the man's apartment the microwave oven counts down.

Then the countdown of missile launch is also started within the base.

Gogogo ... ... and the ceiling of the missile silo has opened.

The red warning lamp blinks.

A man waiting for frozen food.

The fewer and fewer the rest, and ... ...


The missile launch countdown stops at 1 second remaining.

Ahh ...... And men take out frozen food.

Again the coin was silenced on the microwave oven.

Furthermore, the place has changed, this time somehow the scenery of the country.

In the old hut, the phone rings and a man appears.

It is the weather forecast that took over. Men calling on the news that hurricanes will come to Washington will make a relaxing look.

And the place again to the state of Pennsylvania, the delivery staff.

It was a day spying that I got a phone call, the weather forecast seems to be a cryptogram that the mission started again. The spy uses binoculars to see the state from inside the car.

Apparently the coin seems to be in your pocket.

A man who accidentally stepped on the scarecrow in the 1970s will get to the mission again in order to get the coins lost at that time.

I will use a tight spy tool inside the bag and aim for returning the stigma.

From here the unilateral battle where spies aim for coins of pizza delivery men's coins will start. First, a delivery man is delivering pizza.

On the stairs behind that, an old man puts up a card called "Can not help the blind homeless?"

A delivery member who thought of what to do ... ...

I gave a pizza for this homeless.

Of course, this homeless is a spy disguise. Do not get coins, I throw away the pizza.

When the delivery man's mind looks back ...

A man who raised a card "I am having financial problems". Of course that spy.

A man who aims a genuinely gaze.

I think I will get coins this time ... ... and I thought that it was a bundle that I got. A man who is a delivery member, a person is too good.

I changed the strategy, I started spinning roller skating.

I brought out a new Attache case from the locker room.

From the case I came out like a rugged glove. When I put this in my hand ... ...

The coin began to make a noise with rattling.

Furthermore, coins sucked into the hands of men leaving the ground. Apparently it seems that a strong magnet is loaded in the glove.

Resume the mission by introducing new weapons. Where there is a figure of a delivery member ......

Ants in spy.

I will hold my hand towards a young man.

However, a bicycle girl passed unfortunately. The glove stuck to the bicycle.

I thought that somehow let go ... ...


It was a car this time.

I tried again without challenge. I will hold my hand towards my youth.

Then, the huge garbage can of the park moved to Gogogo .......

A little after.

I thought that ... .... I was stuck in the trash box for a short while.

I will not give it up yet. Now take out the Attache case from the trunk of the used car.

The car which became unnecessary blew up. When I came here I finally felt like a spy.

Switch on the device taken out from the Attache case.

Smoke rises from the pocket of the coat put in front of the spy ......

Kotori and three coins fell down. It seems that the fabric has melted because the coin was heated.

Spy that laughs with grinning and only "I can go ...".

A young man who delivers pizza to customers ......

I look at it from above the bridge.

When I switched on the device, smoke started to rise little by little from adolescent jeans.

Spy to look with a serious look.

However, in that bag, the fasteners are heated and the smoke goes smoothly and gradually.

Shoulder strap of petun and bag cut.

The bag containing the equipment dropped to the bottom of the bridge and entered into the river as Po Chang .......

Especially a spy that does not give up. Next is the graveyard.

A case where I digged up.

A dubious pigeon gleaming red eyes from the inside appeared.

I will release a pigeon.

Then the pigeons grab coins with their feet.

I came back to the spy.

Spy that puts the young man behind again with the determination that ... ... is not fierce next time ....

Every time seriously, it is a serious look again.

In the hand is a strange eye shining pigeon.

To young people receiving payment ......

I will release a pigeon.

...... I thought that pigeon flew away from the sky in the direction opposite to the young man.

Operation with tick and remote control does not return.

Sounds good.

And the side of the delivery young man passed with an indecisive expression.

Even after this spy, in order to recapture the coin, even if beaten, beaten up like a boxer who stood up, using spy goods of the past with the striking strength, the situation goes to an unexpected direction, at the end I see ... I feel welcome to convince you. In addition, this movie sells plug-ins for visual effectsRed GiantThing made by. The movie is an advertisement that you can make such a movie using Red Giant's plugin, but it was a very high quality finish.

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