"Cats in Tanks" brings cute cats on tanks to develop like class B panic movies

Actually there is a gesture aiming at the life of the owner in the behavior of the cute catHowever, when cats on the tank crossed the office and it approached as a melody, the cat launches a tank cannon, and the office changes to a hell picture in a moment, somewhere B A class movie-like movie is "Cats in Tanks"is.

Cats in Tanks on Vimeo

A small tank that crosses the room with a corner.

The figure of a cat in a tank.

Proceed slowly in front of the office where the door opens.

Employees at work do not notice the appearance of cats.

Say your face and check the neighborhood.

But be sure to lower yourself soon not to be noticeable.

The tank stopped near the receptionist's woman.

How cute! And a woman with a melody on a cat on a tank.

Girari and cool eyes glow.

The woman approaches the tank while smiling with a smile ... ...

At that moment, a tank gun shoots.

I will hit a woman directly.

A woman whose body disappears in no time.

A scream like ripping silk of an employee who noticed the state of reception reception echoes.

Employees who raise both hands and run away with slashdot.

In the meantime cats will attack more and more.

A man hiding behind the scenes.

It is on the verge of panic.

If you think so, this man is hammered around his head and is in a posture of counterattack.

I will counterattack with a gun held in both hands.

I'm going to shoot it, but ...

Zu Dong, and a cat's blow.

I was shot.

This man is taking out some kind of code.

Having a tool like a bicycle inflatable in his hand, it looks as if he had decided his preparedness. And the movie will have a shocking climax.

This movie awaits development like a pretty cat movie or B class panic movie is film maker of CM such as Kentucky and NikeWhitehouse PostIt was made by the staff of. Cats in Tanks seems to have been made for fun regardless of clients, but Whitehouse Post is making many other unique movies.

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