Artists who make aquatic creatures as if they are alive by 3D paint

A real underwater creativity art made with acrylic paint, Singaporean artistKeng LyeCreating it.

Kenglye on deviantART

◆ 01:Ranchu
Goldfish in the water. Scales are very real.

◆ 02:Terrapin
Midori Turtle. The handle of the shell is elaborately depicted.

◆ 03:Alive-without-breath 4
Goldfish entered the bowl. I am bent and it seems that it is moving.

◆ 04:Twitching-Don-t-Eat-It
Shrimp. Tentangles are also created realistically.

◆ 05:Fighting-fish
Brilliant blueBetter. Very elaborate tail fin.

◆ 06:Work-in-pogress
A green turtle with vivid colors.

◆ 07:Goldfish
Yellow tail fin Goldfish.

◆ 08:Alive-without-breath 9
Black goldfish. This isDemekinThe eyes are big like.

◆ 09:Alive-without-breath 11
There are many red goldfish in the box.

◆ 10:Please-don-t-eat-me
octopus. The feeling of sliding is also expressed.

◆ 11:Work-in-progress

In the production, acrylic paint is used, and a group of goldfish is created very realistically.

Red or orange ...

It seems that yellow and green are mixing.

Mr. Lye said, "I made a layer of acrylic and resin as an example to show my work in the plane on the flat surface and a different depth in the works.This year I started making it from octopus but this is purely I am trying to raise the dimension of this technology right now.After painting acrylic paint on resin, I incorporated a 3D element into a small pebble for goldfish and octopus.Taking a turtle I use shell of eggs for shell and finish it with acrylic paint.The concept of this work is to give 3D effect to the work so that it can be seen elaborately from any angle. There are many technologies that I'd like to try about the production of this work. "I am told ambitiously.

Incidentally, this techniqueArtist writer Ryusuke FukaboriIt was created in 2002, Mr. Lye is creating a work group under the influence of Mr. Fukahori.

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