"Ultra Food Court" which includes Homomoraisu · Horyemon lunch box · Ishihisa curry etc.

Saying forward "Nico Nico Super Conference 2"It is one of the most distinguished among the establishment of"Super food court"Especially the original menu is blown away and it is unpredictable how long it can be sold out.

The super food court is divided into Hall 3 and Hall 8, first from Hall 3.

TV-chan super pasta, 800 yen

Gashimi strongest ☆ Konba cone, 700 yen

Painfully burning painful, 700 yen

Liberal Democratic Party Secretary General Shigeru Ishisaki's original curry "Shisetei special curry" (common name: Ishihisa curry), 800 yen

To the eighth hole on the other end

Horiemon lunch box, 800 yen. The contents reproduce the menu which came out of prison to a certain extent, Menchikatsu · wheat meshes, roes, stews, gifts, mini-jellies.

LAWSON 's L Chicken 200 yen and'Torchki (L chicken's tortilla)", 700 yen

Nagatacha made from fried egg, "Shaba", 700 yen

"Pies of pumpkin and herring", 800 yen

Nico Nico Original Formulation Ultra Potion - Tears of Dark Red Dead Fallen - (with Black Tears), 500 yen

Tofu Yukke rice bowl is 700 yen, baked Frisbee bowl with limited 200 meals is only 100 yen

The rice set meal was served in a large scale OK with a sticker, everything was covered with rice and 700 yen

"Nikka's Niko Niko Shaved Ice" is 500 yen, Ichigo · Lemon · Blue Hawaii is mixed and something is on top.

"Reproducing popular character!" By saying "homolith", 800 yen

I do not know the meaning of what is an ultra food court at all but it seems that the spirit of filling not only visitors' stomach bags but also the story is satisfying enough.

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People in the setup site supporting the very chaotic "Nico Nico Super Conference 2" from the shadow Final report - GIGAZINE

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