Umekita · Grandfront Osaka "Knowledge Capital" Preliminary Interview Report Summary

As the core facility of the Umekida Priority Development Area Project "Grande Front Osaka" that opens on April 26, 2013 (Friday 2013) It was born as an intellectual creation base "to create new value by working with various knowledge" But"Knowledge Capital"is. Originally moreAcademic and academicIt was a plan of sharing and exchanging with the general public together ... It was not possible to fill the gap between the ideal and the reality and in the end it got to fill the gap at various commercial facilities It is a feeling that it will disappear, and "the ideal half · reality half" is the final situation.

A huge building with glass that looks in the middle is the destination of this time

From the very point of view, the character of au stands out considerably, originally it was separated from commercial facilities, it should not have been planned to be ... ...

Even so,

The entrance of the press is from here

This is the whole picture

The relation of each building looks like this, this time we will cover about 'Knowledge Capital' at Tower B in the middle

In this way it is connected

Positionally it seems as if it is sandwiched between JR Osaka station and Hankyu Umeda station. It is apart from either, and from the local people "Feel like ah?"

The hall immediately after entrance is extensive

Press and plenty of stakeholders

Event start soon

Huge colonnade

It is reminiscent of the facility in Nanko.

The atmosphere looks nice as I look at this

The press room is a communication cafe called "cafe laboratory". It was surprisingly unexpected since it did not make it imaginable that the interview candidate was making it into the press room as it is.

It is dealing with sticking food and drinks

A large cup is a landmark

Certainly it is clean and cafe

There is a place like hotel lobby.

In a book library packed with books that are collections of knowledge, select books from a wide range of genres including architecture, fashion, design, philosophy

Scheduled to be available for browsing with electronic books such as tablets

Since there is an outlet in each seat of this part, it is suitable for work at the destination.

Here is where you accept orders

As a whole, I feel like this kind of atmosphere

Moderate space is separated

It seems like I can relax even if it is full

That's why I participate in the knowledge capital tour and I will post articles of various facilities that are inside.

◆ April 22, 2013 14:00:25
"Collabo Office" & "Collabo Office nx (Nex)" that can hold a small office look like this - GIGAZINE

◆ April 22, 2013 17: 05 minutes 11 seconds
Creator and other gathering membership salon "Knowledge salon" designed like overseas creative office feeling - GIGAZINE

◆ April 22, 2013 17:45:27
"Knowledge theater" in which robot theater version "Ginga Railroad Night" is played and played - GIGAZINE

◆ 2013 04/22 20 o'clock 19 min
Directly Connected to Japan's First Terminal Station "Knowledge Capital Congress Convention Center", a vast pillar space overwhelmingly - GIGAZINE

◆ April 22, 2013 23: 00: 22 seconds
"Kinki University Fisheries Research Institute" Kinki University can eat tuna "Kagaku Tuna" succeeded in complete aquaculture of tuna - GIGAZINE

◆ 2013 04/23/20/55/47/47
"Subway vegetable lab Granfront Osaka store" with a mini plant factory in store - GIGAZINE

◆ April 23, 2013 23: 43: 49 seconds
Space where adults can play with children "Bonerundo Play Space Grandfront Osaka Store" - GIGAZINE

◆ 2013 04/26 13:00:00 seconds
Digital space that you can try on clothes of your choice with your own images reflected in real time - GIGAZINE

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