Eleven ways to discover the cause disturbing revenue within one day


The first way to raise earnings such as startups and venture companies is not to add new functions to the software, to spend money on the website to make it easier to see, to ask the customer for opinions, people who did not make a purchase It is to get feedback from. It is not enough to hear from people who purchased your products, it is more important to hear opinions from those who did not make a purchase, that is, people who may be purchasing in the future. So how can we get feedback from people who did not purchase?A Smart BearBut"Eleven ways to discover the cause disturbing revenue within one dayIt is summarized as.

Discover what's blocking sales with less than a day of work by @ ASmartBear

◆ 01: Set up a mechanism to fill out the questionnaire form before downloading the product


We will create a mechanism for customers to fill in the questionnaire form before downloading free trials of software and products. At first glance, filling out the form seems to lead to a drop in the number of downloads, but at Smart Bear it did not happen. Listen to the reasons why customers who did not purchase products did not purchase from the email addresses entered in the questionnaire form. More people than you think will answer the question.

◆ 02: Create an opt-in free e-mail magazine

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right nowOpt-inCreate a free e - mail magazine and make a list of customers. People who subscribe to free e-mail magazines are most interested in your products but they do not get to buy, so we will create a list of those people. To the customers of the list,Amazing features of new software"Small advice to effectively use functions"Successful success story"Introduction of articles written about you and your product"Announcement of partnership with vendor companies that list people may use"Limited offer coupon"I will go near the places where the people in the list live, so please drop in and let me introduce the softwareSending an e-mail magazine containing contents such as "

◆ 03: Free gift as a feedback of feedback to customers who did not reach purchase


For those who proceeded to the trial of the product but did not purchase, send a free gift for giving feedback if you give feedback. The gift can be as much as 25 dollars (about 2460 yen) or 50 dollars (about 4900 yen). For example, "EtsyThings useful for society available inKivaYaWikimedia Foundation,Free Software Foundation"About 25 dollars (about 2460 yen) to charity site" "equivalent to Amazon coupons 25 dollars (about 2460 yen)" "T-shirts, mugs and mouse pads printed with your company's logo etc" "XkcdYaDespair, Inc.There is nothing to do with your company, such as the calendar, but what customers want. " Rather than doing a free gift over the long term, we set the upper limit of the free gift funds and it will end if it runs out.

◆ 04: Talk by phone with one customer who bought the product at least

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Ask questions of the following four items on the trial and purchase process of the product with a customer who has experienced software purchase for at least 15 minutes by phone.

· "How I knew my company"
By asking how a customer knew his company, you can tell which marketing tool to spend more money and time on.

· "Content that boosted purchasing"
It is clear which messages on our website are important for customers. If the message is placed in an unobtrusive place, move to a clearly prominent place.

· "No. 1 reason for purchasing software"
You can understand the weaknesses of the software that you must solve immediately on your homepage or product advertisement.

· "During software trial, it was difficult or I did not understand well"
Those who abandoned the trial in the middle and did not purchase can know the reason why "Why did you quit the trial halfway?"

◆ 05: Incorporate a provision that asks the software / uninstaller the reason for uninstallation

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Although it is often thought that there is no one who does not bother to teach the reasons for uninstallation, some people want to say their own opinions occasionally. In most cases, no serious response is obtained, but there are also answers like treasure buried in garbage that clearly describes the reason for the uninstallation.

◆ 06: Listen to the voice from the purchaser

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The buyer's opinion includes weaknesses and selling points of your product, for example, if the buyer did not say anything that you thought it was a software selling point, that selling point was once again It seems better to think again whether it is really important. The important thing is not your opinion but the opinion of the purchaser.

◆ 07: Attach links and help menu items that encourage feedback to web applications and desktop applications. Or let's listen to feedback when purchasers withdraw from membership

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The name of the link is better if it is a word that attracts people such as 'complaint reception' or 'soft bad mouth acceptance' rather than the boring word 'feedback', but the feedback form does not have to be complicated, simple "Contact Us" formE-mail clientIf you set the setting to open OK.

◆ 08: Transfer a copy of the software in exchange for product review

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The product review has not only software feedback but also the effect of raising the product's reputation. If your software is malfunctioning early, those who got copies of the software are overworked and do not write product reviews. If you do not like the product review or like it, do not worry. In fact, there are data that the number of downloads is larger for products with different review ratings than for those with the highest evaluation of product review.

◆ 09: Present copy of software in exchange for 30 minutes product feedback session

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Even after the trial period of the product has ended, there are many experiences such as buyer zero, even if you send an e-mail to encourage trial users to purchase products. If you are interested in the product and have downloading but do not have the will to buy it, please give these people feedback on these people in exchange for free gifts of software. Even if you transfer the software for free, it is people who did not intend to purchase from the beginning, so do not lose revenue and lose it only when providing product support for free. Also, those who receive software for free can inform their colleagues about how to get products free of charge, but if you set rules such as "one free download for each company" etc. No problem.

◆ 10: Get product feedback from local venture companies, entrepreneurs, user groups

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Ask the organization that supports entrepreneurship in most cities to use their products and give feedback. Entrusted companies, entrepreneurs, and user groups can be anybody who is asking for support, but the group of users who are likely to become customers in the future is the best. Even if you can not receive feedback, doing a product presentation in front of a venture company, entrepreneur, or user group should be an opportunity to rediscover the product again.

◆ 11:UserVoiceYaGet SatisfactionUse feedback-only web services such as

Uservoice and Get Satisfaction are free or low-cost feedback-only web services that buyers can vote for each other's feedback. Many people find it troublesome to forget their account information and create new accounts, so it is recommended to set up to accept anonymous feedback as well. Sometimes you write the lowest comments like abuse, but you can erase it immediately, so do not worry.

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