"Unbelievable Wingsuit Cave Flight!" Passing through the rock at 250 km / h

Designed like momonga cloth spreading between hands and feetWing suitWear suit and pilot that wears the person who fly in the sky, but I challenged Alexander Polli of such wing suit pilot to pass through narrow rock at speed of 250 km / h. A movie that reflects the whole story of the challenge that becomes tough if you make a mistake one step is published on YouTube.

Unbelievable Wingsuit Cave Flight! Batman Cave, Alexander Polli - YouTube

This is Alexander Polli.

It is in Spain that Polli will glide this timeMonserrat.

You can see a small rock in the top of the mountain.

It goes through this gap.

Actually spread out the hands in the rock and check the width.

Actually seeing the smallness of the rock pole, truly Polli is uneasy.

So, first practice.

Polli to fly.

The behind the scenes captured by the camera installed in the helmet looks like this.

Polli wearing a wing suit approaches the goal that was cut out as "2013" at a tremendous speed.

Can I pass ...?

I pierced through the goal.

Paul broke, goal broke. This is still a soft goal, so it's fine but if you think this is actually a rocky hole it is a shame.

The second test flight.

Polli who comes closer and closer to the goal. How about this time ... ....

I broke through the middle of the ball and goals.

Even when zooming in and checking, the left and right hands are not touching the pole.

Although "2013" part was torn, pole was not damaged, test flight was successful success.

And it is time to finish. Jump off the sky on a helicopter and fly aiming at the rocky hole.

Polli and things of the staff who make a thumb like "Good luck".

Jump off the helicopter ... ....

I will head to the rocky hole.

Aiming is a rocky mountain leading to the eyes.

The rock is getting closer and closer.

A little more.

Although I feel a little to the left, I will get stuck ... ...

I passed thoroughly.

Looking from the side it looks like this. I see Polli's body on the upper right of the screen, but it is as fast as 250 km / h, as expected.

When I saw it from the first person perspective, I felt like I was a little to the left, but I can see from the side I pass through almost the middle of the rock pit.

Glide gliding slightly below the rock.

Looking from the front like this.

I flew through the rock like a swallow flying like a slip.

It is safe to challenge. Although the movie is taken not only from the perspective of the first person but from various angles, it is becoming a thrilling excitement looking at the speed and the narrowness of the rock. In addition, you can see movies and photos capturing the state of the flying by Polli from the website.

Official Website of Alexander Polli | BASE Athlete, Wingsuit Pilot

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