I tried comparing "Mild Curry Ramen" supervised by CoCo Ichinoya and "Spicy Curry Ramen"

Curry chain store in the summer of 2011CoCo IchigayaAnd instant noodle manufacturersAce coqTagged as "CoCo Ichigaya Curry Ramen"About two years later, as a dress from April 15," Curry house CoCo Ichiya supervision super spicy curry ramen / mild curry ramen "was released. This time it is not a difference of the ingredients, but it is a product of two concepts, mild and spicy, so I tried comparing it.

News Release - Curry House CoCo Ichinoya Supervised Spicy Curry Ramen / Mild Curry Ramen
(PDF file)http://www.acecook.co.jp/news/pdf/1304colpcoli.pdf

Because it is a container like an ace cock super cup, the content is slightly larger than the general vertical cup ramen.

First of all, from Deep Koku Mild Curry Ramen. It seems to be curry ramen with rich mildness with vegetable taste.

At first, cabbage, corn, leeks, and carrots are included.

The energy per serving is 480 kcal.

Powdered soup and finely cut in it.

Put them in first, pour hot water and wait for 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, peel off the lid and feel like this. It seems that powder soup is a little difficult to melt.

It is complete by mixing firmly.

As the product name suggests, it has a mild curry taste, and there is no spicy taste. It contains cabbage, carrots and corn, it feels like sweetness like vegetable soup, even if you are not good at hot food, it is about hot spicy. In addition, the soup has viscosity, it often entangles with noodles.

Success spicy curry ramen is followed. Here is a small bag of "Kokoichi special hot spice spice", you can adjust the spicy.

Spices can be confirmed in raw materials.

The energy per serving is 480 kilocalories, unchanged from deep-sea mild curry ramen.

In addition to powdered soup, milky spicy spice is included.

Since spinach and spice is a product to be made after completion, first put in powder soup quickly. Compared to before hot water introduction, deep-sea mild curry ramen can be confirmed with many vegetables such as corn, hot spicy spicy curry ramen contains things like chili.

Wait for 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, peel off the lid and feel like this. It seems that powder soup is also difficult to melt.

There is no corn, vegetables are few.

I entered a spicy bean spicy.

This spicy spice, if it is a shop, can be added free of charge on the table, it seems to contain chili and others, it looks like Galam Masala on the market. Completion if this is tightly mixed.

If you look side by side with deep rice milk curry ramen, you can see the difference in color of soup. The left is Deep Koku Mild Curry Ramen, right is Spicy Spicy Curry Ramen.

Unlike Deep Koku Mild Curry Ramen, I feel the painful moment when I put it in my mouth, and I feel the spicy that I made with a time difference. Among the various items that made the spicy uri, the hotness of putting all the spicy spices on it felt like "dry" not to go to say "spicy". I do not feel much sweetness like deep-season mild curry ramen, the viscosity of soup is also high here.

Both deep-season mild curry ramen and spicy spicy curry ramen, the taste of the soup is quite dark and heavy on the stomach, so it seems difficult to drink it.

Because the amount is large and the soup is heavy, it seems that it is a bit more likely to enter the stomach, but the tongue got bored and it fell into the condition that I can not eat it anymore, so a spicy spice is changed for a change in taste on the way It is better to put it in. If mild curry ramen comes with something spice, it may be good accents when you eat.

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