I tried to eat a pizza house full of carbohydrates loaded with yakisoba on a beef bowl, "Yakisoba beef bowl"

Sukiya is a new menu combining two large carbohydrates "rice" and "yakisoba"Yakisoba with beef bowlWe began sales from 9 o'clock on 12th April. Both beef bowl and yakisoba are dishes that can stand the main table at a single item, but I have actually confirmed what these two fused together.

Sukiya's "Yakisoba beef bowl" April 12 (Friday) New release from 9:00 | Sukiya

Arrived Sukiya.

Published from April 20Movie Crayon Shinchan Abominably! Class B gourmet survival !!In collaboration with,Eat yakisoba beef - don and hit the original mini - rice bowlA campaign called "Campaign" is being carried out.

A massive stack of yakisoba beef bowl arrived. "Secret source" that it finished sweet so as to match the beef bowl and blue cling will follow.

Yakisoba is on top of the beef bowl evenly.

"I thought that there was a lot of fish meat and few meat?" I saw under the yakisoba, but beef is spread tightly under the yakisoba. If you eat without sauce, you can eat it as it is, feeling that you eat the roasted fried noodles with plain seasoning on the beef bowl, but where you want ingenuity.

This yakisoba beef - dumpling is multiplied with secret sauce and bluegrass, which makes it even more freshly baked.

When you try to eat with secret sauce, the sauce is sweet and well compatible with beef and rice, so the whole will come together. Because the sweet sauce has brought together beef bowl and fried noodles in good condition, once you eat it"Can fried rice go with rice?"It is made to think.

If you take it home, the sauce and the blue paste that comes in a separate container will come with you. How many red ginger do you bring with you OK.

"Yakisoba beef bowl" is limited-time sale from April 12th to late May, prices are on average and 390 yen including tax.

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