Three-dimensional and beautiful snowflake photography was first successful with a high-speed camera

University of UtahWhenThe National Science FoundationJoint research team in UtahAlta Ski AreaI am proceeding withSNOWFLAKE SHOWCASEIn the project, I succeeded in photographing snow crystal three-dimensionally in the world for the first time.


ScienceShot: The True Shape of Snowflakes - ScienceNOW

Snow crystals are stuck together with other snow crystals during descent and collapse into shapes colliding with water droplets, so that only about one thing can maintain a beautiful crystal shape That's right. Also, it was very difficult to shoot clean snowflakes because the descent speed was fast, the size of the crystals themselves were small, or evaporated quickly.

However, the joint research teamMASCWe set up a high speed camera called Altaski at a point of about 3000 meters in the altitude ski area and photographed the snow during descent before reaching the ground successfully photographing beautiful snowflakes that did not collapse Did.

MASC developed by cooperation of the US Army and the American National Science Foundation, who is an assistant at the research team, was able to shoot simultaneously from 1, 3 directions of 4,000 shutter speeds, and was able to capture infrared motion sensor It is possible to do automatic shooting unattended by.

As MASC can measure snow descending speed, size and descending angle at the same time as shooting, it seems that we will incorporate the measurement results into the study of predicted snowfall amount and estimated time and place of snowfall occurrence.

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