How do other people really use smartphones?

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There are various ways to use smartphones, such as shopping and SNS as well as telephone, but how do users actually use smartphones? I investigated that "How People Really Use Mobile". According to the survey, smartphones are most used in the house, not on the go, their use is not for communication such as SNS or for shopping but for "time of their own".

How People Really Use Mobile - Harvard Business Review

The reason most people use smartphones is "my time", that is, "for my own enjoyment", 46%. Many people seem to be using smartphones to watch movies, watch gossip sites, and do windows shopping instead of purchase purposes. The next most common reason is 19% for social reasons such as communication with people, 12% for shopping, 11% for managing finance, health and productivity, 7% for preparing for travel, etc. Four%. The least of the seven reasons resulted in "a means of self-expression." The average time to use smartphones for "your own time" is 864 minutes a month (about 14 hours).

Even if you use one app, its purpose varies. For example, the Facebook application combines the three objectives of "participation in social activities", "self expression", "discovery and information gathering", and even shopping applications are "shopping" if you actually buy something If you are looking for fun, it means "your own time". On the contrary, even if you are using multiple applications, there are cases where the purpose is one.

Next is "What kind of page will advertisement show most effective?" Although advertisement shown when management of financial and health, shopping · self expression is effective, it turned out that there is little meaning to the advertisement that consumers see when collecting information or at the time of enjoyment It was. Most of the messages do not match the user's preferences, they can easily be ignored by distraction.

The investment in mobile media is 10% of the total in terms of time, the advertising cost is 1% of the total, and the income is 4%. Meanwhile, the page view accounted for 26% of the total, so the investment in mobile was considerably less than in page view.

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