"Old Loll Personified Girl" explained in an easy-to-understand manner the personality and attractiveness of various lenses with an anthropomorphized old lens

Illustrator'sGernetWith a photographer and a writerToru SAWAMURA, The project which explained the personality and attraction as an easy-to-understand explanation of the old lens as a girl character is "Old Lens Anthropomorphic Girl"is. Not only anthropomorphic girls but also practical examples using lenses are very easy to understand.

Old Lens Anthropomorphic Girl

Click on "OLD LENS GIRL" at the top of the top page to see the personified girl.

Currently, the old lens is "Helios-40-2 85mmF1.5 M42 mount" "Chiyoda Kogaku Super Rokkor 45mm F2.8. Leica L mount" "Olympus PEN F mount F. Zuiko Auto-S 38mm F1.8 · G. Zuiko Auto- S 40 mm F 1.4 "are available.

First of all, Helios-40-2 85mmF1.5 M42 mount.

A catch phrase "I want to be mad at violent blur" along with a photograph of the lens. Russian lenses are generally considered inexpensive to be photographed, but Helios - 40 - 2 85 mm F - 1.5 is a huge ball with Russian lenses, as it is expensive if its size is huge.

With a violent blur amount, if you shoot with the subject in focus focusing on the subject "surprised at the bokeh ocean". Due to the characteristics of the large lens barrel and violent blur, the personified girl is drawn quite glamorously.

Helios - 40 - 2 When shooting with 85 mm f / 1.5, it looks like the following.

Next is Chiyoda Kogaku Super Rokkor 45 mm f / 2.8. Leica L mount.

Next to the lens photograph with retro appearance is the word "looks and reflections are pure Japanese". Nickname is "Plum potAnd bigKnurledWas named because it resembled a crest of a plum bowl.

"Originally it has a reputation as a sharp lens, in addition to that it excels in gradation.Because it is unreasonable to design with open F 2.8, it is a lens that often takes shape with shakijaki, and color reproducibility is truly a feeling of era However, it is not merely fading, but the strength of the core is transmitted properly.The sharpness, gradation, contrast are just serious, the color development is an old-fashioned taste reminiscent of Japanese colors ", an anthropomized girl is Taisho Atmosphere like girls in the era.

Chiyoda Kogaku Super Rokkor 45 mm f / 2.8. The pictures taken with Leica L mount are as follows.

Finally Olympus PEN F mount F. Zuiko Auto-S 38 mm F 1.8 · G. Zuiko Auto-S 40 mm F 1.4.

The two kinds of lenses are "Twin Sisters that do not match". Because 40 mm F 1.4 is a high grade lens and 38 mm F 1.8 is a standard lens, 40 mm F 1.4 seems to be my sister and 38 mm F 1.8 as my sister.

In the case of sisters, there are many patterns that my older sister is a firm person, but 40 mm F 1.4 is a very sweet portrait and combined with nostalgic coloring will be a mild photograph with a healing system. Meanwhile 38 mm f / 1.8 has a sharp and stable feeling, although there is no depiction that makes you feel individuality, it is becoming an anthropomorphic personification of my sister's sister and warm hearted sister.

Zuiko Auto-S 38 mm F 1.8 · G. Zuiko Auto-S Pictures taken using 40 mm F 1.4 are as follows.

The image of each personified girl can also be downloaded.

This is based on illustrator garnet and writer Tohru SawamuraTeam OldlensgirlA project launched by. Although the website was released on April 1, it was not April Fool's story,We plan to increase the content at 1 pace per month... apparently ...

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