Windows Phone reverses BlackBerry by OS share of mobile tablet device

ByCarlos Varela

NowadaysThere is an order for 1 million units on "BlackBerry 10 smartphone", manufacturer stock price soaredWe hear that BlackBerry is highly evaluated overseas, etc. However, in March 2013 mobile and tablet OS share survey revealed that Windows Phone had overtaken BlackBerry.

Market share for mobile, browsers, operating systems and search engines | NetMarketShare

Windows Phone finally overtakes BlackBerry, but still behind iOS and Android in market share | WinBeta

This is based on the data of NetmarketShare, and looking at the trend of the past six months is like this.

Although Windows Phone was 0.81% as of October 2012, we increased our market share gradually every month and expanded our market share to 1.25% in February 2013 and 1.50% in March 2013.

On the other hand, BlackBerry had a double score difference of 1.67% as of October 2012, with a difference of 0.15 points at 1.39% in February 013, finally reaching 1.38 in March 2013 %, We decided to allow Windows Phone to lead 0.12 points.

BlackBerry's share is not declining, and there is rumor that Microsoft is making Surface's smartphone terminal "Surface Phone" with the reversal caused by the expansion of Windows Phone, so if the terminal really comes out There is a possibility that the difference will open more.

By the way, the OS share of mobile tablet terminal in March 2013 was like this.

The first place is 61.41% of iOS, the second rank is 24.85% of Android, only two of these are occupying 85% of the market, is it possible that this composition will collapse ...?

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