I went to eat KFC Spring's limited-time products such as "Salt from Salty" "Crispy Shrimp Salt Chicken" "Goda Cheese's Shrimp Cut Sand"

Kentucky Fried Chicken is a limited time campaign for spring "Abstract from salt3 pieces (180 yen including tax) "Crispy Shrimp Salt Chicken1 piece (260 yen including tax) "Goda cheese prawn cutlet sandwich(Tax included 380 yen) "from March 28 (Thurs). A salt-raised cake is a newly-introduced product, but crispy shrimp salted chicken and goda cheese shrimp cassardItems that had been on sale for a limited time also in the spring of last yearSo this year it was upgraded and reappearing so I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken and ate it.

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I arrived at the shop.

I found a poster of "Crispy Shrimp Salt Chicken" and "Goda Cheese Prawn Cut Sand" in the shop.

First of all I try to eat "Package from Salt to Three Pieces" that I entered in the package. There are three "pleasant pleasant ways to sprinkle with salt" written in the bag, in order "in order to taste the taste as it is first", "even if you accompanied the rice, this again sir" If you try snack It is a special taste of this. "

Order "Sauteed soy sauce grilled rice ball (tax included 130 yen)" in order to try "meal with it even if it is accompanied by rice" which is one of "a peculiar pleasant way to salty" Did.

I took a saltfish from the bag and it was like this.

First I will eat as it is without attaching anything.

It is deep-fried.

The salty taste firmly attached to crispy clothes is good pulling the fat meat flavor, but because it does not have the taste of soy sauce or ginger, it is unsatisfactory as "Fried chicken". It may be unsatisfactory if you eat it for the standard fried chicken.

Next time I will follow the "stylish pleasant way". First of all, pounded salt chicken.

I will quickly bake on rice balls. The taste of soy sauce that was not included in the raiment from horse salt was well supplemented with roasted rice ball soy sauce and this is ant with this.

Next, I will have "Crispy Shrimp Salt Chicken".

When ordering "Crispy Shrimp Salt Chicken", it comes with "Aftertaste scented pepper" sprinkled up to 2 pieces in one bag.

The raw materials are "white pepper" and "black pepper" only.

First let's eat as it is.

Oil is not floating on the surface, clothing looks thin.

Clothes are as crisp as it looks and do not contain much oil, but because the fat of meat is moderately attached, it does not impair juicy. The compatibility of clothes and meat with a solid salty taste is a good feeling, the refreshing taste which restrained the oiliness overall. It seems that crispy clothes contain pepper and spicy taste as aftertaste remains in the mouth.

Next, I will try to eat "Postponement scented pepper" on "Crispy Shrimp Salt Chicken".

Since clothes are not so greasy, I was worried that peppered sprinkle would fall if I had it with hands, but that was not the case.

If you sprinkle fragrant pepper and eat it, the feeling that "smell" is rather stronger than "hot" of pepper. People who like the fragrant flavor of pepper may find it good to sprinkle fragrant pepper and eat it.

Finally I will eat "Gotta cheese shrimps cut sandwich".

When opening the bag it looks something like this, it contains cabbage enough to fall down.

Taking the top buns, plenty of shredded cabbage.

Gouda cheese melted and melted is hidden beneath the shredded cabbage.

I checked red aurora sauce under shrimp crackers.

If you eat a meal, you will be shocked by the texture you made with a large amount of shrimp preprimed. "Shrimp Katsu Burger of Gouda Cheese" draws a clear line from "Shrimp" rather than "Shrimp" which is frequently sold at fast-food restaurants, rather than "Ebikatsu Burger", where "Tsunagi" is the major part of it. It is perfectly compatible with a mild taste of aurora sauce, but the flavor and taste of the essential Gouda cheese was not much felt.

Even if you try to eat, the amount of shrimp will not change unchanged, shrimp preprint will continue with endless.

"Salad from Salty" "Crispy Shrimp Salt Chicken" has less oil than "Original Chicken" so that the stomach never leans, so even those who are not good at deep-frying seem to be OK. "Shrimp Katsu Burger of Gouda Cheese" is a product I want to eat once for a shrimp Burger fan nationwide.

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