Bill · Gates Foundation helped develop "Next Generation Condom" to keep pleasant aid with 1 million dollar contribution

ByDarwin Bell

President of MicrosoftBill GatesMr. was founded with his wife MelindaBill & Melinda Gates FoundationAnnounced that it will provide 100,000 dollars (about 9.4 million yen) of assistance for the founding fund for the development of the "next generation condom" and will make a maximum of 1 million dollars (about 94 million yen) for the business continuation .

Next Generation Condom Round 11

Reinventing The Condom | Impatient Optimists

About the details of the next-generation condom Gates does not mention, but "From the viewpoint of men, the disadvantage of condom is that it is less pleasant when using it than when not using condoms "The next generation condom" mentioned by the Foundation seems to assume a condom that men can gladly attach. On the other hand, because condoms for women are more expensive and difficult to use than men's, it is a problem that is not common, so if inexpensive and easy to use female condom is developed, It should be effective.

An example of the "next generation condom" by the foundation is as follows.

◆ Using a safe new material that can maintain or improve sensation
◆ Development and testing of new condom shapes / designs leading to improved user experience
◆ Research promoting the use of condom from academic fields such as neurobiology and vascular biology

According to the report of the United Nations Joint AIDS Program in 2012, there were about 34 million people worldwide infected with HIV in 2011, and about 1.7 million people died. There are 15 billion condom each year worldwide, with 750,000 users. Although it is an effective means to prevent pregnancy with a probability of 98% and prevent not only HIV infection but also venereal diseases such as Chlamydia, it is also a fact that use may be avoided as impaired pleasure, and in fact, Based on the fact that there was not much progress in technology, we have taken a new challenge this time.


This challenge is based on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which seeks to improve the health of the poor in the worldGrand Challenges ExplorationsOne of the attempts. If there is a good idea, you can tell the Foundation "How can the idea be experimented and verified"If you send clear data OK. If the idea is not enough to prevent pregnancy or illness, it is out if it is too high for use in developing countries, otherwise it can receive aid from the Foundation after a four month review Should

The deadline is 11:30 AM on May 7, 2013 in Pacific Daylight Time.

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