"Inhuman anatomy" series depicting the dissection diagram of Disney characters

Gachapin skeleton diagramAlthough it is worrisome about what an anthropomorphized character is like, such as becoming obvious, how is the body of usually cute Disney characters like? Anatomical chart drawn by saying "Inhuman anatomyIt is a series.

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First of allGoofyFrom. The face is a comical dog, but the body such as the upper arm ridge, the suture muscle, the big gluteus muscle and the body seems to be an adult male as it is.

The skeleton of the head is slightly deformed, but Mickey's dogPlutoIt feels like a normal dog.

It was well drawn to the skeleton and blood vessels hereMickey MouseAnatomical view of. If my cheeks and lips are scraped off, my impression will change a lot.

Minnie Mouse. There is a word "people are not looking", but it is a piece that makes me realize that one skin is important.

There is also an anatomical chart of the Pikachu version, but since it is a shocking illustration, please do not see those who are not good at blood and internal organs. Clicking the image will disengage the mosaic.

The author'sAlessandro ContiIs also a vocalist of Italian band Rhapsody and Trick or treat.

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