Awesome power of "Oreo separation gun" that separates Oreo cookie and cream

The other day, with Oreo's campaignA physicist develops a machine that takes out only cookies from OreoAlthough there was a story saying that, I saw this campaign, "I will try it too"I made a huge pachinko / kabuto appearing in "One Piece"A person created "Oreo separating gun".

The Slingshot Channel: Separating Oreos like a boss

"The Slingshot Channel" is a website operated by Jörg Sprave and produces various pachinko (sling shots). This time it is not a sling shot, but an "oreo separation gun" that can separate Oreo cookies and creams.

Oreo Separation Pump Gun - YouTube

Sprave with Oreo in hand

This timePump action formulaIt's a high-speed gun of

With this feeling, 14 oreos will enter the magazine

When you pull the grip, the oreo is loaded one by one

Trial for cardboard

I thought that Oreo would be broken, I could pierce it.

It is not "cream and separation" but it has broken.

Try shooting at the jelly ......

Oreo is defeated by being absorbed by shocks with bouillon

From here on, we will install blade parts to separate Oreo cookies and cream into the muzzle part.

If it shoots with this, the oreo which jumped out swiftly passes through the clearance of the two blades, and the cookie and the cream are separated ... ... scheduled.


"Can you see a cream?", Once the cream masses are separated, they just seem to be crushed ... ....

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