Ms. Riko Nakamura who won the female voice actor prize etc. handprints

As an extra edition of animation event "Machi ★ Asobi" on Tokushima on March 16th and 17thPetit ★ AssociaThe main stage of the work was done. On the 16th we had a talk & live by Mr. Masayuki Yamamoto on the 16th and a show where the local hero · Aoto dragon mavel fought while preserving PreCure, but on the 17th we had an animated film festival "The Moving Pictures Fesitval Vol.2" soWomen voice actor prize and many others awardedA voice actor, Rikiko Nakamura, visited Tokushima and took the pattern of the bill relief.

The Moving Pictures Festival relief

Petit ★ Asobi is also a chinon shop on the 17thAdachi publicity companyWe started the curtain with a performance by. More than 16 people have been waiting for the opening, but most of the people here are waiting in the queue waiting for lottery of the relief type ceremony.

After that, the group moved for lottery work.

There were 70 people who could participate in the ceremony, and 156 people finally stood side by side. In other words, magnification is about twice.

A person who got a winning ticket thrust up a fist or a sorrowful cry of a disappearing person echoes ... ....

About that time, ufotable in front of CINEMA HollywoodChinese TheaterA concrete mold was prepared to take a bill like a block tile at. This relief will be decorated in Higashi Shinmachi shopping street.

First of all, from Hideo Tokima and Mayor Hideki Tokushima, I will press the hand against the mold after putting things like baby powder in hand so that hands will not get rough.

Riko Nakamura who is pleased again that he set up this place. I said that it was thanks to fans' strong support that the award was taken.

And to the molding work.

"The Moving Pictures Festival" by Riko Nakamura's relief demolding work - YouTube

I got a clean handprint.

Mr. Nakamura, I took it.

Complete signs and decorations next to the bills.

In addition, the governor of Iizumi Kamon and Tokushima prefecture pressed bills next to the mayor ... ...

Hiroshi Mizuno, Editor - in - Chief, New Type, Kono Kondo Producer at UFO Table will keep handprints in the same way.

Those who were hit by lottery in front of the table being molded, but unfortunately there were people who were dislocated around them, so Nakamura who went up to the stepping stool to see the figure . Then the fans caught up in front of us looked like a person behind, saying "Please sit down."

Mr. Nakamura shaking hands.

In this way the relief mold ceremony ended without any success.

Here is Mr. Nakamura's handprint relief. After hardening, it is scheduled to be installed in Higashi Shinmachi shopping street by May ★ Asobi in May.

Mr. Kondo & Mr. Mizuno's bills

Hara Mayor & Governor of Izumi.

The relief said that shooting was OK, the fans were shooting in order.

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